3 Ways Technology Can Change Your Apartment Living

Technology plays a part in our everyday lives. We use technology at work, at home, and while traveling. Computers, machines, cars, apps, cell phones, the list is endless. Some may argue the effects of technology are positive or negative. Regardless, technology has changed the way we live our lives. Specifically, have you ever thought of how technology has affected your home? Technology advances have made apartment living easier and more convenient.  Here are a few items that you should consider adding to your apartment home:

                                                   iRobot Vacuum Cleaner:


iRobot Vacuum Cleaner Photo courtesy of iRobot.com

The iRobot is a wireless high efficiency vacuum cleaner that will clean your floors and rugs with a simple push of a button. It is small and compact, automatically recharges, and you can even schedule cleans from an app on your phone. There are also iRobots for mopping and scrubbing floors. Never worry about having time or space to keep a large bulky vacuum- this is the future of cleaning.


Built-in Wireless Chargers:

Ikea is known for its unique furniture. They now have wireless chargers you can place in or on your furniture, and even furniture with built-in wireless chargers! Say goodbye to chargers, messy cables and wires.


wirelress charging

Ikea wireless furniture Photo courtesy of Ikea.com


                                                                                     Quirky Pivot Power:

quirky pivot power

One of the many color options for the Pivot Power. Photo courtesy of Amazon.com

Don’t have a lot of outlets in your apartment? Try the Pivot Power outlet. There are 6 plugs, and is flexible so it can bend around furniture and in tight spaces. It comes in all different colors and sizes. There are also other models of the Pivot Power, and many other multi outlet plugs on Amazon.





I think it’s safe to say technology has made apartment living more enjoyable and functional. These are just a few of many items that you can add to your apartment home.

One thought

  1. That is some really cool technology! It is amazing the kind of stuff that is out nowadays. It makes life so much more convenient.

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