The 4-1-1 on Getting Around the Triangle

tip yourtaxi driverif possible

You might be asking yourself, “What in the world is the Triangle?”.  I understand that you know what a triangle is but let me introduce you to the Triangle. The Triangle is the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of NC. It got its name because each of those cities are anchor points forming the shape of a triangle. It also includes suburbs like Apex, Cary and Morrisville.


Clever little North Carolinians.

The Triangle and Raleigh itself are not huge metropolitan areas but that does not mean they lack in transportation options.


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Several of our Camden communities are located near Triangle Transit stops which is all part of GoTriangle. Camden Lake Pine in Apex is situated within a mere 50 yards of a Triangle Transit stop. Camden Crest, Camden Overlook and Camden Manor Park in Raleigh are all within a short driving distance to a park and ride stop that will take you to the infamous Research Triangle Park as well as other RDU areas. The fares are nominal with the max charge being $2.25. Just think of the savings in gas alone. Let’s also not forget that leaving the driving to someone else can be a stress reliever. Just pop your earbuds in and listen to Mozart, Netflix or whatever your little heart desires before you get to work or back to your vehicle. We call that win-win.


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Now if you’re in the downtown area sightseeing all of our historic sites or work there but live elsewhere, don’t worry, Raleigh thought of you, too. GoRaleigh is made up of bus lines that span out as far as Wendell, Johnston County and Fuquay-Varina. And trust me when I tell you they are not close to downtown Raleigh. These are a.k.a. CAT buses. The R-Line which is strictly downtown is free and it is a hybrid bus. It’s awesome. If you choose to get on a CAT bus that takes you outside of the heart of the city, then you will have a fare but your options open up and you can go to a ton of Raleigh locations.


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If you are looking for more private transportation, like a chauffeur for business purposes, private parties, or airport drop-offs and pick-ups, there are a number of companies that provide that service. One of the top-rated car services in the Raleigh area is A Touch of Class Transportation. Some others are White Horse and Uber which is a company that allows regular Joe’s to become drivers. Think of them as sleeper cell taxi drivers actually. They get the closest registered driver that fits your request and dispatch them to come get you. Boom.


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Last but not least – Hello, Amtrak! I personally love the train. I find them very fun and exciting pieces of machinery. The train will take you to downtown Raleigh, Cary and Charlotte within NC. Some of the lines will take you as far as Florida and NY when you feel like you just need to get away.

Needless to say that whatever your needs demand there is something for you that will fit like a glove.

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