How To Avoid A High Energy Bill – Part 1


Who doesn’t want to save a little extra cash on household bills? All too often, we may find ourselves adding to the energy bill without even realizing it. Here are some easy tips and tricks on how you can reduce your energy consumption, save on electricity, and lower that bill!

1.Turn electronics off

This is a big one…Do a nightly sweep through your house or Camden apartment to make sure all your electric devices are turned off before you leave and before you go to bed. It may be a pain, but I’ve recently started implementing this and have seen a difference already. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught the Xbox being left on at night because my husband forgot to turn it off, or the many times I’ve left the porch light or straightener on accidently after leaving. Cutting things off when they are not in use will help with reducing energy costs significantly!

2.Turn ceiling fans off

Did you know that ceiling fans don’t actually cool your home? They only circulate air to make you feel cooler but they do not actually lower the temperature of the room. To leave them on when no one is around can cause you to waste unnecessary energy that you could be saving on. Try cutting them off anytime you are not in the room or at home.

3.Washing Clothes

Bet you didn’t think there were tricks on how you can do your laundry that could help you lower your energy bill? Here are some easy things you can start incorporating today! Try using cold water to wash your clothes, not only will you save on the energy required to heat the water, but detergents formulated for cold water will get your clothes just as clean!

Set the water level on your washer to match the size of the load and save two ways—on water and energy. You’ll save more by waiting to wash until you have a full load and by adding the right amount of detergent you can ensure your washer isn’t working harder with too many suds and using more energy.

Also, try drying your laundry in consecutive loads to take advantage of a heated dryer. Your laundry will dry faster and use less energy. On sunny days, hang your clothes outdoors to dry .

Saving money is important to us all, and implementing some of these tips can surely help in lowering your energy consumption. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog to learn even more tips and tricks on how to avoid a high energy bill!



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