How to Avoid a High Energy Bill-Part 2

Most people think turning off their lights are the only way to save energy, but indeed there are many ways you can make your home more Eco-friendly right in your kitchen especially living in an apartment. These tips for Making Your Kitchen Energy Efficient are easy to implement and are very effective. These tips will not only save on energy expenses, you will are also learn how to be more Eco-friendly in today’s world.  

1.Why not put that Crock Pot you bought months ago to a good use?

Did you know using an electric stove-top burner for 30 minutes uses the same amount of energy as your crock pot uses in eight hours? So imagine how much energy your favorite skillet dinner takes to cook! Crock pots are so easy, helping you make one-pot dishes that save on prep time and cleanup. So go ahead, roast that delicious brisket recipe all day, and start saving on your electric bills. Start saving right away by making this delicious  Play Off Chili or the Slow Cooker Cream Corn included in 3 Corn Recipes for Game Day!


photo courtesy of mind of the mother 

 2. Don’t overcrowd your refrigerator or freezer.

This is one thing that people don’t think about as much as they should. Overcrowding your refrigerator and freezer means the air can’t circulate well. Make sure to allow space between items and not overcrowd so it cools efficiently. By over stocking you will create pockets of warm air that will make the fridge or freezer work harder and use more energy to cool everything evenly. Make sure that you regulate the temperature all the time, don’t keep it too low because the colder the setting, the more energy your fridge uses. For maximum energy efficiency and food safety, set it to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and the freezer to 0 degrees.


Picture Courtesy of Real Simple 


3. Bake multiple items at once.

Don’t turn on your oven just to bake 2-3 potatoes. When you bake, make sure that you are using your oven for multiple items at once. Add dessert, homemade bread or a main dish into your oven all at once. Adjust temperatures and cook times as needed, but make sure to use that heat source effectively. Most ovens have a 25 degree variance, in case one of the dishes you are making needs to be cooked at 350 degrees and the other at 400 degrees, just set the oven at 375 degrees. Don’t forget to space the items out so air circulates and everything bakes evenly.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest 

  1. Only run the dishwasher when it is full.

This one will make many people upset, but it really is the most efficient way to use your dishwasher. Make sure you are loading your dishwasher properly to use the space wisely. Typically that means glasses, bowls and larger utensils are on the top rack with plates, cutting boards, and other larger items on the bottom rack. Did you know that by using your dishwasher with a full load only can prevent 100 pounds of carbon pollution and saves you $40 per year on your water bill? You can also save 15 percent on energy consumption by air drying your dishes instead of using the dry heat option.

photo courtesy of Bosh Diswasher

Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart 

I know that these are simple ways to make the kitchen in your apartment home more energy efficient and most of the time people think that it won’t make any difference if they make these simple changes. If you make these small steps on a regular basis it will help to keep you on budget and you will be helping our environment in the process.


Photo Courtesy of greenlichen 

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