Austin’s 3 Stop Shops

Austin, Texas is a pretty “Weird,” place to call home.  With a great economy and a growing in population, Austin finds itself in a great place to set up shop! With these three different stores you are bound to find something to dress up or add that awesome piece of art to your empty wall that will truly make you feel like you’ve been living in Austin your whole life!  With nine different Camden Apartment Communities throughout the city one will never find themselves too far from that awe-inspiring find!

With a home base in Austin, Texas, Kendra Scott is within minutes of many Camden Apartment

Photo By Yvanna Navarro

Photo By Yvanna Navarro

Communities here in Austin, Texas.  Camden Huntingdon, Camden Lamar Heights are two of the closest locations to a Kendra Scott Store.  The “Honorable Mention Award” goes to Kendra Scott, because your birthday month you get half off your purchase.  Who doesn’t like a good sale every now and then? Any girl in your life will certainly enjoy opening that neatly wrapped bag with an extensive choice of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets that are truly one of a kind. “The versatility of her jewelry is amazing; her quality will last for years.”  Stephanie Thornton; Camden Lamar Heights.

“It’s all Texas all the Time,” is Parts and Laboour’s logo, they will not disappoint.  They have spectacular jewelry, men’s and woman’s clothing all Texas themed with a funny twist. Want to deck out your new digs at Camden Stoneleigh? No prob, they got you covered! “A highlight of Parts and Labour is that they support local artists and is a true representation of Austin, and the South Congress Area.” Angelica Burrus, Camden Stoneleigh.

Photo Credit of Parts and Labour.

Photo Credit of Parts and Labour.

Camden Cedar Hill’s Own Naomi Rodriguez recommends Uncommon Objects, also located in the SoCo District and only minutes away from her community.  This is an antique store that fits Austin to a T.  Their website is amazing and provides links to their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts where you can use what they sell to awesome creations!

Their website describes what they are are about better than any blog! “Uncommon Objects has been described as ’your eccentric uncle’s attic on steroids.’ And remember, this is no museum. This stuff is for sale…there is something to satisfy your nostalgic yearnings and peak your sentimental curiosities.” Uncommon Objects.

Click here to have your eyes dazzled with a “visual display” of these uncommon objects!

Whether you’re just visiting Austin or living at a Camden Community you are bound to come across exclusive Austin shops of your own.  The three highlighted retail establishments do not even cover the splendid

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