A day in the life of a Camden employee

Ever wonder what it’s like to work for a Great Place to Work? Camden employees know better than anyone else what makes the company so unique and why our employees are so happy. I mean, just take a look at some of our values…

Two of my favorite values Leading by Example and being Team Players are demonstrated in numerous ways throughout the day for a Camden employee, but especially with the participation of Camden Cares. Camden believes in paying it forward and allows their employees to take the day off (paid) and go out and volunteer. Some of the best memories are made by working hard alongside your teammates for a greater cause. Volunteering at food banks, rebuilding homes, and volunteer efforts for our Veterans are just a few of the causes Camden chooses to give back to.

Camden Cares Group - Day 2

One of the main reasons that makes Camden a Great Place to Work is the fact that we are leaders in our industry and at the core of who we are as employees, all have one goal in mind. Residents First. We truly are always Customer Focused and believe in providing Living Excellence. We take pride in the fact that we provide homes for residents and make it our mission to exceed their expectations.

And lastly, every day when you walk into the office, no matter what’s going on you’re expected to Have Fun. Camden employees are no strangers to practical jokes, rocket wars in the middle of the work day and…chair art. You’ll never get tired of walking down one of our hallways to see how someone mysteriously rearranged some of the chairs. You’ll be sure to walk away with a good laugh and questioning what could possibly be next?! The biggest chair art feature yet? A full on Thanksgiving Feast, complete with a human sized turkey…yup, right in the middle of the day.

blog - Turkey day pic

No matter if you’re a resident living at one of our properties, a groundskeeper caring and taking pride in caring for the maintenance of the property lawns, or a leasing consultant, continuously taking pride and showcasing what Camden stands for…it’s clear that we are a Great Place to Work!

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