Camden Stoneleigh: Where Loyalty is a Lifestyle

Every Camden community throughout the U.S. has certain aspects that set it apart from other communities. The amenities and layouts are tailored to the residents and surrounding areas. These are examples of just two of the many facets that are designed to make each property unique.

Here at Camden Stoneleigh, in addition to our impressive services and location, there is an element which is prevalent in the community that must be earned. It is the resident’s and staff’s loyalty.

I decided to hone in on what keeps them devoted to Camden Stoneleigh by asking the community manager and two of the many long term residents what they love about the property and what keeps them committed. The community manager has been with the company for a notable 20 years and residents for 10+ years. Here are their responses:

Community Manager: “I love my co-workers, the relationships that are formed with residents, the ever changing days/tasks, the exciting before and after projects and the Camden culture as a whole.”

Resident: “The grounds are always maintained, the pool area is peaceful, my service requests are always addressed in a timely manner and there is a nice social aspect to the community. I moved here from a house and my wife and I love it so much, we never left and have no plans on leaving.”

Resident: “My fellow residents and the staff look out for me and my family. Stoneleigh feels more like a home and the staff is like family. Tim, the maintenance supervisor, makes sure that any issue that arises is addressed quickly.”

If you would like to hear more about what our community has to offer, schedule a tour today!

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