Car-Free Living in the City

photo by Alisa Anton

photo by Alisa Anton

Learning to live without a vehicle can be an exhilarating and terrifying experience. If you’ve never tried the car-free lifestyle, it can seem like an impossible adventure at first. But with the average car payments in America ranging from $345-500 a month and average insurance payments for Texas around $135, selling your vehicle and saving $500+ a month may become more of an enticing idea to pursue.

When we were on the hunt for our new apartment home, we were looking for something that would help us cut down on our auto costs and to Live Green. We came up with the following list:

  • Within easy walking distance to our jobs
  • Grocery store within 1 mile
  • Local restaurants we favor
  • Entertainment to enjoy close to home
photo by Gabriel Santiago

photo by Gabriel Santiago

We found all of these things at Camden Plaza. With my husband’s job at Lakewood and my job in Camden’s Contact Center, we can each easily walk to work within 5 minutes. Costco is less than half a mile down the street, so we can talk a 5 minute walk and load up on our favorite foods! Chipotle, Which Wich, and Cafe Express are some of our favorite restaurants and The Rice Box has easily become our top Chinese pick.

We were so excited to find out all of the great events Camden Plaza has for their residents as well! From Food Truck Wednesdays to Yappy Hour Pet Events, we don’t have to travel far from home to have a good time. When we want a date night, there’s Tony’s fine dining and a movie theatre right down the street for a couple’s night out.

Now that we have everything so close to home, we’re finding the need for our vehicle is no longer there and saving that $500+ a month sounds like a pretty sweet deal. I read through these Tips for Car-Free Living to get an idea of how to start this transition. As of Monday, I’ll be living car-free!


I found a great company called Houston B-cycle whose mission is “To implement, operate and expand a bike-sharing program supported by the community that offers residents, commuters and visitors a choice of ecological and economical transport, ideal for short trips and resulting in fewer vehicle miles traveled, less pollution and congestion, better mobility and more personal health and wellness.” (

On days when weather is not participating or I need a lift a little further from my 1-mile radius, grabbing an Uber ride is all but a click a way. camden-plaza-houston-tx-pool-10370

The best part about all of it though is that we get to live at a beautiful community, with great neighbors, within walking distance to everything we need, and I don’t have to sit in this traffic anymore! Now that’s something to celebrate!

Between our car savings, the savings we get with Camden Plaza‘s upgraded cable and internet Technology Package, and the great price we got for our apartment, life has never felt and looked so good!

Want to live at a Camden? Come check out all of our luxury apartment homes on and get your #camdenhappy smiles on today!


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