Pantone Colors of 2016 In Your Apartment Home



For 2016 the Pantone colors of the year are Rose Quartz and Serenity. Lawrence did a great job showing how you can incorporate the colors in your wardrobe, hair, and makeup. How can we incorporate them in our Camden apartment homes? Let’s find out.


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I checked out a few different retail websites and picked out home décor of all price points to share.



  1. Rose Quartz tea pot $40.99
  2. Rose Quartz table cloth $112.99
  3. Rose Quartz dishes $44.99
  4. Serenity blue end table $73.99
  5. Serenity blue throw pillows $40.49
  6. Serenity blue bed linens $170.99



  1. Serenity blue lamp $32.99
  2. Serenity blue tea light holders $5.79
  3. Serenity blue coral statue $28.99
  4. Serenity blue cabinet $161.00
  5. Rose Quartz throw pillow $19.99
  6. Rose Quartz decorative stone $19.99
  7. Rose Quartz hobnail vase $14.99
  8. Rose Quartz bed linens $79.99



  1. Rose Quartz butterfly art $17.99
  2. Rose Quartz throw pillow case $8.99
  3. Rose Quartz vase $9.99
  4. Serenity sofabed $129
  5. Serenity candles $4.99
  6. Serenity chair $34.99

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If I had my way, I would have everything in my Camden apartment decorated with rose quartz. I love the color, and I love how many options I found while browsing the World Wide Web. I also have to admit that I ended up purchasing the Sephora and Pantone rose quartz lipstick. Serenity blue is beautiful, and I think I am willing to try it out.

Which color do you like best?


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