St Patrick’s Day Celebrations 2016: Top 4 Places to Visit

It’s about that time again Houston. Green beer. Four leaf clovers. Irish dancing. Leprechauns and if you’re lucky a pot of gold!

Check out the top 4 areas you want to visit with your friends and celebrate this year’s 2016 St. Patrick’s festivities. And don’t worry, most of these events start tonight and continue through the weekend!

  1. Midtown
    6th Annual Biggest St. Patrick’s Day Festival (March 17th-20th)
    Midtown’s biggest Irish fest is not slowing down this year; the event takes place over four days filled with DJs, live music, drinks specials and crawfish. Check out the following locations where all the fun will take place.

    3rd Floor
    2303 Smith, 832-384-1960
    Irish Cowboy
     2300 Louisiana, 713-900-2500
    Pub Fiction
    2303 Smith, 713-400-8400

    Get tickets here

  1. The Heights
    Houston Heights is known for its large collection of adjacent neighborhoods but the Heights has its own plentiful history. However, today young couples populate this area gravitating to its rich and character-filled architecture, mom and pop-type shops and funky restaurants. If you live close by (Camden Heights, I am looking at you!) definitely check out these bars.

    9th Annual Saint Patrick’s Festival @ Luckys Pub
    2520 Houston Ave, 713-862-2400

    Little Woodrows
    2631 White Oak, 713-861-2653

    Get the tickets here.

  1. Downtown

    Saint Arnold’s Saint Patrick’s Day Party at the Brewery
    2000 Lyons, 713-686-9494
    Houston’s oldest craft brewery will have a lineup of beers on tap. Also, the big show for the evening (besides the beer) is the Donegal Beard Growing Competition. Admission is $28 per person and includes beer (with one pint of cask-conditioned DR15) as part of the deal and a commemorative pint glass.

    Get tickets here.

  1. Rice Village
    The Gorgeous Gael Saint Patrick’s Day Party
    5555 Morningside, 832-667-8321
    This Irish pub is going all out with bands, DJs, dancing, green beer, great eats and special promotions. Check them out!

    Get tickets here.


These places are easy to visit from any Camden community by driving or taking an Uber. All these events start as of today and last for the next four days.

So keep calm and prepare for St. Patricks!

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