Tricking myself into exercise: Kayaking

Since I don’t particularly enjoy working out, I have to trick myself into doing it. One of my favorite ‘tricks’ is kayaking. It really is a fun scenic way to burn a few calories and is an inexpensive way to take advantage of coastal living! Even if you do not live near the ocean, any body of water will work. Here are a few tips from my experience kayaking.


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  • Rent before you buy. Some people (I’m talking about myself) like to go head first into a new hobby without even giving it a try. Kayak rentals are easy to come across and are usually pretty affordable. If you have a large vehicle you can usually rent them from a location away from the water a lot cheaper, but then you have to haul it to the water yourself. You may never even feel the need to purchase one considering how affordable and convenient renting one it. The main thing to consider is storage: If you do not have a garage or extra storage, renting is definitely the way to go.
  • Find a quiet bay for your first few times out. You do not want to fight waves while trying to learn how to kayak. Not only is it annoying, it can also be dangerous. Even though a beach seems like it would be a great start, it usually isn’t because of the crashing waves and amount of people you could injure (including yourself). Instead, find a bay or place where boats launch from so that you have a nice smooth transition into the water.
  • Keep a very safe distance between you and any motorized watercraft. They are bigger, faster, and can hurt you so in your mind they should have the right of way. Be aware of your surroundings and don’t be ‘that guy’ that is holding up water traffic.


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I enjoy kayaking a lot and find that in San Diego there are many great opportunities to take advantage of this. These are just a few pointers but I encourage you to try is yourself, it’s fun, simple and can be a great workout too!

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