How to make a beach towel into a Easter Basket

I can’t believe that Easter is on Sunday already. I wanted to be unique and get my girls something that they will actually use for Easter this year. I heard that you can make a beach towel into a basket that looks like a bunny. Both of my kids are fishes in the summer, as they are in the water more often than not. I started to do a little research online and found some amazing ideas for Easter baskets without a lot of candy in them.

I came across an old idea for baby showers center pieces where they would roll face cloths into bunnies. I think I may have even done one when I was still in elementary school. I didn’t even have to purchase a basket this year. I went to Target and purchased a towel, bathing suit and beach toys. You are also going to need construction paper, a small bowl or box and one rubber band. You start with the beach towel laid out on the floor and roll the sides in like the picture below.

Towel roll

roll the beach towel

Once the towel is rolled to the center like two burritos, grab your box or bowl and wrap the towel around the box. Next you fold the ends up toward the box, grab your rubber band and make the bunny face and ears. So it looks similar to the picture. I made two and they came out a little different each time depending on the size of the towel. The pink towel had a hood attached so it was a little harder to make the bunny ears.

Bunny basket 2

Wrap the beach towel around the box

Now the fun part you get to fill the basket and make a bunny face. I used goggles as the eyes on the pink one. This is your chance to be creative and  have fun with it! Please post your pictures as I would love to see what you did.

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