A Day with your Dog

Man’s best friend…… A furry friend who loves you unconditionally, who is excited to see you every time you walk in the door even if you’re gone for 5 minutes, stays by your side when you’re sick, and gives you pure happiness and enjoyment. They are part of the family and we went the best for them.

Since we all have busy schedules you want to have quality time with your dog that is fun for the both of you. Here is a great day that I have spent with my Chocolate Lab, Makena.


We are fortunate to live in a very pet-friendly community named Camden Main & Jamboree in Irvine. Not only is the Leasing Office pet-friendly with treats for our friends there is a great Bark Park! It’s an enclosed area with pet stations and benches for us humans to watch our dogs play. They can be off leash to socialize with all their friends! Makena looks forward to that play time every morning and night!


Next, we head to Dog Beach in Huntington Beach.  Dog Beach is open year round from 6am to 10pm and is located at 7071 Warner Ave. It is meter parking but the meter does accept Visa/MC if you forget your quarters. We share a common love for the beach which makes both of us very happy. She loves to play fetch in the water and play with other dogs. She truly has a smile on her face the entire time.


After a long day of play, we head to Lazy Dog Café for some great food. Dogs are allowed on the patio and they even have a special menu for them. There is a choice of grilled hamburger or chicken with brown rice or just a side of plain brown rice. Makena loves the hamburger and rice and I love the appetizers and salads.


Now…..it’s time for bed!


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