Exploring Arizona Ghost Towns

   Have you ever heard of a Ghost Town? Ghost Towns came about in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Miners left their towns to find new work and the boom-towns became empty. Now many of those mining towns have become tourist attractions for visitors and locals in the area. Goldfield Ghost Town closed for good in 1926 and is now a popular attraction in Arizona. It’s only about an hour from Central Phoenix, so if you live at any of our Phoenix Camden communities Goldfield Ghost Town is a great day trip!

   This past weekend I decided to take a trip to Goldfield Ghost Town in Apache Junction, AZ. Nestled in the Superstition Mountains the Goldfield Ghost Town provides a fun trip for the family and a beautiful scenic view of the surrounding area.


Parking and entrance is free for Goldfield Ghost Town, however if you’d like to tour the town via the train or take a tour of the mine there is a fee. Some of the attractions include:

  • Superstition Zip line
  • Superstition Narrow Gauge Railroad
  • Goldfield Mine Tours
  • Apache Trail Tours
  • Superstition Reptile Exhibit
  • Superstition’s O.K. Corral Stables
  • Gold Panning at Prospector’s Palace


Often you can find deals on Groupon for these specialty tours or you can just walk around and explore like I did!

On Main Street you’ll find the Ice Cream Parlor and Saloon’s where you can grab a bite to eat. There are many merchants on Main Street as well selling homemade fudge, metal art, pottery, and apothecary goods.


At the end of Main Street is the ‘Church on the Mount’ which still holds services every week.


My favorite part about exploring the forgotten town was the old machines and tools displayed throughout the town. Around every corner I found a fun little treasure!


I loved exploring the Goldfield Ghost Town, but I loved seeing more of Arizona most of all. With this beautiful spring weather, find ways to get out and explore what’s around you!


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