Healthy Living in the Houston Heights!

Are you looking for an area to call home that caters to your lifestyle? There are so many reasons why people from all over flock to the Houston Heights neighborhood, but the main reason why people call the Houston Heights home is the lifestyle that this area has to offer. From those who have an active lifestyle, to those who enjoy great restaurants and pubs, the Houston Heights is the place for you!

Imagine going for your morning jog through a beautiful historic filled neighborhood complete with mature trees and beautiful landscaped lawns. Or perhaps you enjoy an evening ride along the ever expanding Houston Hike and Bike Trail that runs along the White Oak Bayou. Regardless of the way you like to get out and enjoy your neighborhood this area is perfect for you. The Heights is perfect for the individual with an active lifestyle. The best part is that Camden Heights Apartment Homes is nestled right in the middle of it all!

Houston Heights: More Than a Place to Live… It’s a Lifestyle.

1.Walk Score-  Camden Heights is so convenient to any and everything that you will love about living in the Heights! You can walk to just about everything within the neighborhood and enjoy this fabulous neighborhood you are fortunate enough to get to call home! As a matter of fact, Camden Heights has a walk score of 70 and a bike score of 73. What does that mean and what the heck is a walk score? Well it means that by calling Camden Heights home you are virtually within walking distance to everything! That is why so many people love calling Camden Heights and the Houston Heights home! You are minutes from the best dining and shopping the city has to offer and the best part is… You can walk to these places!

2. Heights Hike and Bike Trail – A great trail for fitness enthusiasts out there and Camden Heights is only seconds away! We are the only community in Houston Heights with direct access to the bike trail! The Heights bike trail is absolutely beautiful with gorgeous scenic views of the city including Stude Park, Memorial Park, and the downtown skyline. This trail will take you into Downtown Houston within minutes. Want to hear something amazing about one resident of Camden Heights and the Hike and Bike Trail?

23-Camden-Heights-Apartments-Houston-Texas-direct-access-to-I-10-and-Hike-and-Bike-Trail-zoned-to-Harvard-Elementary (1)

This trail offers a great way to maneuver within the city as it links to the Buffalo Bayou Trail and White Oak Trail. The Heights Trail will lead you through the historic charm of the Heights with glimpses of the original Victorian- style homes that are nestled within the community. When you are done riding through the neighborhood, stop by White Oak for a refreshing drink and simply enjoy the neighborhood that you are sure to love.

3. Calling All Joggers! Want to jog in one of the top areas in Houston? Of course you do! Who wouldn’t? The Houston Heights is a historic character filled area of the city that is chic, trendy, and fun. Everyone wants a little piece of this one –of- a- kind neighborhood. When jogging through this quaint neighborhood you will view scenic views of traditional historical homes, several large public parks, and an atmosphere unlike any other areas within the heart of the city. Every year the Houston Heights neighborhood sponsors a Heights Fun Run to get everyone in the neighborhood together and active! With this annual run you will be able to enjoy the beautiful neighborhood and meet other locals of the area! One of the top reasons why those with an active lifestyle love living in the Houston Heights: The Neighborhood! You are well within the city limits yet there is a quaint small town feeling when you are jogging through the neighborhood that that can’t be described, only experienced.

4. Love Yoga? Right down the street from Camden Heights is a new Yoga studio that originated out of Austin, Texas. Black Swann just opened its doors for the first time in Houston Heights a few months ago and it has been a huge hit! Their motto is simple: Just Yoga for everyone! We LOVE it! Black Swann is a donation based 90 degree heated Yoga studio located on White Oak Street and just minutes from Camden Heights. Black Swan Yoga Studio is an approachable, affordable, and community-driven yoga studio that accepts donations ranging from $10-$20 per session. There are no hidden fees. It is just Yoga for everyone. Another great perk for those with an active lifestyle if you choose to call Camden Heights home!


5. JuiceLand- Sharing its space with Black Swann is the newly opened JuiceLand in Camden Heights! Another Austin, Texas original that has made its debut here in the Houston Heights! If you are into healthy drinks with a fun twist you are in for a treat with JuiceLand! From the vast fresh ingredients perfectly blended into your very own customized juice or smoothie to the casual conversations, JuiceLand will have your mouth watering for more! On the go, order directly online and they will have it ready when you walk in the door! Quality, freshness, and convenient to your home at Camden Heights!

For those who have made the Heights home, it is all about the neighborhood, the people who live there, and the feeling you get when you come home to Houston Heights. It is not simply a place you live but an entire lifestyle. It is one of those things you just have to experience to understand. So what are you waiting for? Come and experience Camden Heights and the great Houston Heights with us!

28-Camden-Heights-Houston-Texas-Apartments-one-two-and-three-bedroom-pet-friendly-apartments (2)

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