Since my early childhood days, I have been a proponent of lifelong learning. Perhaps it’s because I grew up in a family of educators. Perhaps it’s because 17 years ago I followed in my family’s footsteps when I entered the Training and Development profession. My goal each day is to learn something new.

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In today’s world, we all should look at ways of taking learning into our own hands. There are numerous routes to take such as getting a degree at a community college, university, trade or vocational school.

However, if a degree is out of the question, why not take individual classes that focus on specific areas of interest? Many educational institutions offer both credit and non-credit classes. There are also numerous seminars and workshops offered by companies such as SkillPath, Fred Pryor Seminars, and American Management Association.

Do you enjoy the feeling of a good old fashioned book in your hands? There are thousands of business books just waiting to be explored by authors such as Kenneth Blanchard, John Maxwell, and Marshall Goldsmith.

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More recently, the wonderful world of technology has opened up a whole new world of learning. There is a plethora of webinars, podcasts, and on-line classes right at our fingertips.


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Do you work for a company that fosters and promotes lifelong learning? Employees at Camden Property Trust are fortunate to have the opportunity to continue their learning throughout their Camden career. Whether it is a Camden U instructor-led class, Camden social media and leasing webinars, or online classes through Grace Hill, Dale Carnegie, or, we provide an array of learning options that best meet the learning needs of each employee. Our focus on lifelong learning comes from the top down. Our CEO, President, and COO are raving fans of continuous learning.

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Camden has upped the game when it comes to taking classes. Every Camden employee has their own license and they are able to select from the more than 3,000 classes has to offer. Our internal Training page features playlists containing classes recommended by Camden employees along with employee testimonials. Monthly class promotions appear on Camden’s internal home page and in our HR newsletter. In addition to the playlists, our Training page contains additional information for registering, upgrading, and signing on to along with links to the library of classes.

Self-directed learning is the name of the game. It is up to each one of us to take learning into our own hands and choose the method of instruction that works best.

Visit the Camden Careers section on the Camden website if you are looking for a company that offers an awesome work environment, excellent benefits and lifelong learning opportunities.

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