Meetup-Best Way to Make New Friends

MeetUp-The Best Way to Make New Friends!




Want to make new and long lasting friendships based on similar interests in your local area? is the perfect solution to meeting new people.
Lasting friendships in such a mobile environment can be difficult to maintain. Considering our ever evolving lives it sometimes feels that just as you make a new friend it is time to move on! Meetup has the answer!
I moved to California without ever being in the state before. Making new friends was one of my biggest struggles. My husband had been in the military so I knew it was difficult but without the backing of the military network, California relationships were new and scary to navigate. I used Meetup to find groups with similar interests. I joined three different running groups. I made some long lasting friendships with people I never would have met otherwise. They have supported me through many difficult times this past year and have propelled me to become a better runner and a better athlete. These are people I want to be in touch with for the rest of our lives, no matter where that may take any of us. I know I would not have found these people had I not been introduced to the wonders of Meetup.


Lasting, supportive, interest related relationships are difficult to find as we get older. Meetup definitely has the potential to help all of us reach those valuable relationships.
Meetup allows you to join different groups or social clubs based on your shared interests. There is no end to the different amount of groups available and it is offered in many large cities.

The list of different interests varies from
• Scrapbooking
• Running groups
• Drinking groups
• Crafts
• Pinterest ideas
• Work Out Groups
• Toastmasters
• Book Clubs
• Horseback riding
• Cattle Farmers

Meetup-Best Way To Make New Friends

The following Meetup groups are near a couple of Camden’s  California communities such as :
Main and Jamboree,
Camden Crown Valley
Camden Martinique

There are even ones for people just looking for new friends!
There are countless  book clubs!

San Juan Capistrano Book Club

San Juan Capistrano, CA
150 SCJ Book Lovers

A book club for women in San Juan Capistrano. Discussion, food, and friendship at a great location -Sarduccis at the train depot.

Next Meetup

San Juan Capistrano Women’s Book Club Meetup

Tuesday, Apr 12, 2016, 6:00 PM
14 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

The results are truly endless!
Also, suppose there isn’t one for your specific hobby, like The Love of Camden, you can always create your own. It is easy to find your little niche in the world and people just like you by using this amazing tool!

Good Luck getting out there and meeting people! Do you have a favorite meetup group or excellent ways to make new friends? I would love to hear all about your experiences below!

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  1. That is incredible! I used it primarily for running as well but I joined a book club too 🙂

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