What Exactly Does A ________ Do? Part II

In the first piece of the “What Exactly Does A _______ Do?” series,  told you what your community Leasing Consultant does. In part II of this informative, fun installment, I will focus on your Community Maintenance Technician/Groundskeeper!

I am sure that if asked, most residents would immediately assume that all maintenance/grounds employees do work orders and pick up grounds. This is a fair assumption which is why this where I will start:

They complete work orders!


Richard, Camden Gallery, perfecting the community one window at a time!

When your toilet is clogged, your light bulb goes out or your garbage disposal ceases to dispose of garbage, who you gonna call? Your Maintenance Technician! The Fairy Godmother does not repair your apartment home – your Maintenance Technician does.

They run grounds!


Bill, Camden Ballantyne, doing his part to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the community no matter rain or shine!

Your Maintenance Technicians/Groundskeepers are always making sure that your property looks up to standard. Loos trash, spills and other visual obstruction to the community are handled on an every day, sometimes more than once, basis. No one wants to live on a nasty looking, unsanitary property.

They “Lend A Hand”!


Lend-A-Hand in full swing at Camden South End!

Teamwork is everything at Camden! When a larger project needs to be done or a community is understaffed, the Camden Maintenance Technicians will gather, from near and far, to make sure the job gets done! Maintenance Technicians need to be selfless in order to make sure that Camden properties continue to remain a great place to live.

They take part in resident events!


Who does not love breakfast handouts at Camden Touchstone? Rick and Brad sure do!

Your technicians do their best to take part in resident events. It is equally as important to get to know your onsite technician as it is to get to know your office staff!

They take call!

When you forget your keys or get locked out of your apartment after hours, who comes to the rescue? What about that maintenance emergency you might have experienced? Yep! Your Maintenance Technician. Every week, these team members sacrifice their weekends, days with their families and general free time to make sure you know how much they care. They run grounds on weekends and are available to take care of your emergencies.


Joe, Camden Southline, handing out breakfast and having fun doing it!

Sometimes your maintenance technician is quiet. Sometimes outgoing. They ask for no limelight, attention, reward. They just do what is asked of them in a timely fashion. Regardless of whether you see them, hear them or even know them at all, always remember that your community still stands because of the work that these silent heroes do on a daily basis.

Next time you see your onsite Maintenance Technician, give them a big hug and say “Thank You”!

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