3 Innovative Ways to Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Each year do you make a New Year’s resolution on December 31st and then forget about it a few weeks later? Take a look at this list of three ideas to actually keep your resolution and make 2016 the best year yet!

  1. Make it fun!

Each year do you find yourself joining a gym on January 1st, going for two weeks and never again? Try something new to keep you in shape!

Houston B Cycle is an amazing company in the Houston area that gives you the ability to explore the city while getting in shape! You can rent a bike from a multitude of locations and if you become a member you can even get discounts at local businesses! That’s a win-win, workout and a savings.

  1. Get a resolution buddy!

You are more likely to keep your resolution if you have a buddy to check in with. Whether it is a coworker or family find someone to help you reach your goals. They can work out alongside you or check in with you every month to see how you are doing.

MeetUp is a great website to find people in the area who are interested in the same things! Did you want to read more, explore the city or save money, they have a group for that! Signing up is free and there are groups for all your interests.

  1. Set Goals!

Goals help you to see how far you have come since you started, and will keep you motivated throughout the year.

Regional Vice President of our Florida/Atlanta Communities, Ed Malone wrote a wonderful post about being #CamdenHealthy, and challenged us to complete a Camden Marathon!

So make those resolutions on December 31st! Make it fun, get a buddy and set some goals and we will see you next year!

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