3 Tech Cameras for Obsessive Pet Parents

Have you ever wondered what your pet is up to while you’re away?  Are they jumping on the couch or just napping?  Now you can watch them, even when you’re at work or on vacation!  Pet parents have multiple options for monitoring systems and cameras, depending on how high-tech you want to get.  There are free apps, night vision cameras, and even a treat dispensing camera.  Here are my top three picks for the pet parent who wants to see the secret life of their furry friend.

First up is Camio.

  • This free app is the easiest and least expensive option.
  • All you need is two electronic devices with video capabilities to use as the recording and viewing devices. Personally, I set up my iPad to record and used my iPhone to watch.
  • Simply download the app on each device, set up one device where you can see the desired area, press record, and watch from the other device.
  • The app monitors motion and takes snapshots or videos of movement.
  • Log in anytime to watch a live feed, or go back to recorded snapshots taken throughout the day.
  • There is even a voice option, so you can say hi or tell Fido to stop chewing your shoe.

With Camio I could check in on my dog, Lilly, while I was at work!

Next up is the Motorola Pet Scout66 Monitoring Camera.

  • This small, webcam-like mounted camera connects with a free app to allow for remote HD quality video streaming.
  • Like Camio, the Pet Scout has motion triggered recording and image snapshots as well as two way communication.
  • Motorola takes monitoring a step further with in room temperature display and infared night vision.
  • Amazon prices the Pet Scout at under $90.
pet scout

Motorola Pet Scout66 is a small, webcam-like mounted camera.

By far the most technologically advanced monitoring system is Petzi Treat Cam.

  • The mounted device allows pet owners to see through a wide-angle camera at any level.
  • Pet parents can speak through high quality audio.
  • The camera can snap a picture to save or share.
  • The dispenser shoots 1-3 treats with the push of a button.
  • With Petzi’s own app, users can even post their pictures to a dedicated social media feed.
  • For $169, your purchase includes the Petzi Treat Cam, Mounting Kit & Rubber Feet, Power Adapter, Quick Start Guide, and Sample Treats.
petzi treat cam

Petzi Treat Cam dispenses treats to your pet!

These monitoring systems can be utilized for many different purposes, especially in an apartment home.  I kept up with my dog through Camio, but I was also pleasantly surprised to find a recording of my favorite Camden maintenance tech fulfilling one of my service requests!  Other uses include baby monitoring and home surveillance.  Having a small space like an apartment makes it easy to set up one camera to see the whole home.

Camio is my top choice for pet monitoring.  The easy app is free if you already have two smart devices, and it includes all of the basic functions I need.  If you want to get even more techie with your pet, check out these options for smart collars.  Now you can not only watch your pet, but you can also track and train them.  Let us know which monitoring camera and smart collar you would choose!

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