3 Ways to Be Thankful the other 364 days of the year.

As soon as the month of November starts one of the main things that everyone thinks about is Thanksgiving. Who’s going to cook? What dishes to prepare? Where are you gathering with the family to have Thanksgiving dinner? What are you going to wear?

But have you ever stop and really think about the real symbolism behind? What does Thanksgiving mean?

It seems like this year there are a lot of Thanksgiving activities centered on gratitude and a time to focus on gratitude. Personally, since I was little my parents told my brother and me to practice gratitude at the table during dinner. This taught us to celebrate all of the things, big or small. That each one of us was grateful and thankful for in our everyday life all year long. Since we been married, my husband and I have continued with the tradition that we hope to pass along to our son as he grows up.

There are so many different ways we can be thankful every day. I always love finding new ideas and get crafty at the same time. Here are a couple of ideas of how you can practice gratitude for the month of November.

Get Crafty: Gratitude Leaves

To illustrate all that you are thankful for, you can make a simple gratitude tree.


photo found on Pinterest

 You can find tons of unique ideas how to create a gratitude tree in Pinterest.

Get Social: 30 Day Gratitude Challenge

Every day for 30 days celebrate what you’re grateful for corresponding to the theme of the day! Snap a photo, tweet or update your status about your gratitude. Share your thankfulness on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with #LiveThankful.


Picture found on Pinterest

Get Inspired: Gratitude Jar

Give an empty glass mason jar to a person to write down the good things that happen in 2015. The goal is to fill the jar with positive memories by the end of the year.


Picture found in Pinterest

Check out Pinterest  to help you make this gift unique.

Life is a gift that many take for granted; because they let the things they want make them forget what they have. I challenge all Camden Residents and Employees to cultivate the habit of being grateful and start practicing an attitude of gratitude for the next 364 days of the year.

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  1. Enjoyed this article. However, when I clicked on the link that says by jmmunoz7 – there is nothing found. Is the author to remain anonymous?

  2. Charlotte,
    “Thanks for reading my post! At this time, we do not have bios on our bloggers, but we will very soon so please stay tuned!”

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