4 Tools To Tackle Your Pet’s Hair In Your Apartment Home

It’s true. All pets with hair shed: whether it’s by the barrel or pretty minimal. Only hairless cats and dogs are the exception to the rule, and yes, they do exist. If your household is anything like mine during this shedding season, then you’re likely experiencing mounds of hair balled up in every corner and crevice. Buying lent rollers in bulk and using furniture covers are only temporary solutions. There are other tools that will help keep your pet’s hair under control around your apartment home all year long. Oh, let me help you count the ways!

#1: Invest in a Pet Vacuum

This one’s a no-brainer. Acquire a vacuum that is advertised to have the tenacity of dealing with pet hair and includes useful attachments. Pet owners swear by the Dyson branded pet vacuums because of its power and long manufacture warranty. There are certain models that include the HEPA air filtration you find in air filter systems that help with allergens and odors as well. However, I have the Eureka AirSpeed Pet vacuum and find that it works great on my cloth couch and apartment’s carpet.  Even if you have hardwood floors, you can find a floor cleaner geared towards pet owners.

#2: Get a Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter Spong

Avoid spending on replenishing lent rollers and invest in this sponge that you can wash and reuse. It’s a dry sponge that you can use to remove pet hair on your couches, comforters, and even in your car. The price is great, it’s easy to use, and it’s a best seller on Amazon.

#3: Get a FURminator Brush!

The best advice I can give anyone that has a pet who sheds is to purchase the FURminator Brush. (Which I’ve deemed as the magic brush.) I believe it will do wonders for you like it has done wonders for me and my two fur babies. This brush is advertised

to cut down your pet’s shedding by up to 90%, and I can tell you that’s been the case in my apartment home. You choose the brush that is the right size and type for your pet; dog, cat, small animals, and even horses! Groom your pet with this on a regular basis and you’ll see less hair around your place. Just try it!

#4: Invest in an air purifier.

With pet hair comes dandruff, and with dandruff comes that stinky, embedded pet odor some of us may be experiencing. As pet owners, we may become immune to this odor because we live and breathe our pets on the daily.  But for our guests, it’s easily detectable, and that can be embarrassing. Prices will range depending on the size, but you can find compact ones that won’t break the bank. Not only will the purifier help deplete any pet odors our babies can’t help but leave behind, but it will also help clear the air in your home for allergy season. Keep in mind, there will be a slight cost for the upkeep as you will need to replace the carbon filters from time to time.

As you can see, being a pet owner requires effort and some investment. It’s OK to be those pet parents that are crazy about their pets, but you don’t have to be the one with so much pet hair all over your apartment home that make guests avoid visiting. A good rule of thumb to adopt for your pet: brush [teeth] daily, bathe monthly. If you’re keeping up with your dog’s overall hygiene and diet, then you’ll need only to worry about heavy shedding during the hotter months. Do you have any effective tips or tools that help you?

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