5 Chic Ways to Instantly Update your Patio

5 Chic Ways to Instantly Update your Patio

The goals are simple. Keep off the leasing staff’s radar and show off your decorating know-how to make all neighboring patios jealous. There are already quite a few at Camden Sierra at Otay Ranch that make me want to update my decor ASAP.

Walking my dog every morning around these apartments, I get to see some unique ideas which I’ve made a mental note about these past few weeks. Here are some of those chic and cheap ways to instantly improve your patio.

  1. Use decorative string lights for that mediterranean vibe.
    Patio String Lights
    Not only are they energy saving because they are battery-operated and LED but you can hang them without causing a fire hazard. We are in San Diego, after all, so if you are missing that relaxing beachy vibe, this will make your patio feel warmer and cozier. You can find some stylish options at the local Pier1 Imports in Eastlake. Hurry, there is one on sale right now for $18.95!

  2. Cheap crates make for cozy seating.
    You can find them at any hardware store like the local Home Depot or Lowes. If you can make the trek, I found some at IKEA for only $9.99! You can paint them any color you choose to go with your patio theme or leave them unfinished.Set an outdoor cushion on top of two or three crates and decorate with a plush throw and a mash of  your fave decorative pillows. Click here for an idea.You can also set one on its side for use as a cheap alternative for an end table! Click here for an example.

  3. Flip over a tomato cage for a space-saving plant holder.
    These usually cost less than $7 a piece and may come in a variety of colors already! Sometimes, all you need are pops of color to add some personality to your patio. These run tall so you have to cut off the legs >>  Get the easy instructions here. You can also check out other planter box ideas here.

  4. Add a mini garden.Create a mini garden
    How about building your own garden in that urban jungle? This always adds an instant update to your patio. Go with all greens because flowers tend to be short-lived. You can choose a pair of small palms, or get a wide aluminum planter to grow tall lemongrass (It’s a great mosquito repellant and chic way to grow some privacy like this.) You can always go with fake flowers and fill a colored mason jar with a few blossoms from the local Dollar Tree as well.

  5. Spray paint an outdoor rug.
    Oh the things you can do with a can of paint and masking tape! Start simple and do stripes or angled lines. Get two of your favorite colors (complimentary or contrasting) of Rustoleum paint and you’ll be ready. Click here for the insanely easy instructions.You can also transform any table cloth into an outdoor rug by doing this neat trick – which consequently, also makes it pet proof for those outdoor oopsies.If you want that backyard feel, add some grassy green turf as a rug instead!

Thank you to the residents who inspired my patio envy with their beautiful designs. If you need more patio inspiration, check out how to build an urban jungle for your apartment here.

Until next time,


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