5 Reasons to Fall for Camden Lake Pine

Looking for a new place to call home is emotional and sometimes just downright exhausting. There is so much to think about. Location. Price. Safety. Inclusions. All of that and everything in between. You want to make sure where you choose has bits and pieces of you. Things like what you love, what you love to do and what you love to be around. For over 1,000 people, myself included, that is Camden Lake Pine in Apex, NC.

Here are the top five reasons why you will fall madly in love with Camden Lake Pine.

That. Lake. Though.

Lake Pine is awesome. There is a paved two mile path that follows around the 60 acre lake that you can bike, walk and jog. You can shore fish or fish off the dock for bass and catfish. You can enjoy the wonderful Apex Community Park or just sit on one of the benches and take in your surroundings. We have two direct access points to get there so no need to even hop in your car. It’s a treasure and you can’t beat it with a stick.



Photo Courtesy : blog.twitter.com

If location is really what it is all about, then we are so money. We are basically right in the center of shopping, restaurants and grocery stores. Not only that but we are getting a Costco right next door to us. So dreamy. We are sandwiched between New Waverly Place and Beaver Creek Crossings, both of which have movie theaters, amazing restaurants, great stores to shop and so much more. And just in case that wasn’t enough for you, we are a four minute walk to Kroger, dry cleaning, Jersey Mikes and a GoTriangle bus stop to name a few.


Camden Lake Pine, similar to other communities, has a pool and gym. But we don’t just end there. We have two pool and two 24 hour gyms. Our pools don’t look like every other pool area either. We have gas grills at each pool that are open year-round and at our main pool, a fireplace and cabanas. We also have a business center so you can print, fax, copy and use the computers to your hearts delight. And let us not forget about the car care center for when your vehicle needs a bath. If anyone has been in NC in the spring, you’ll know that come pollen season, that is probably our most prized amenity.



I mean look at us. We are just so cool and fun (LOL).
A lot of times when you enter an office you can be greeted with stiffness and that can make even the most outgoing person uncomfortable. One of Camden’s values is to have fun and in this office we definitely do. We’ve got smiles for you for days and days. We love getting to know our residents and we look forward to the little chats when they get their coffee at our coffee bar. To us you’re not just an apartment number. This is your home and a lot of times our residents start to feel like family.

Resident Get-togethers

We believe getting to know your neighbors is a good thing. We love to plan events where neighbors can mingle and meet and above all where everyone can have fun. We do things just for the kids, have Resident Appreciation Days, have food trucks out 1-2 times per month and tons more. Planning these events is one of our truest forms of joy in our job.

Beyond the five reasons, there are so many more things that you can discover on your own. When you choose Camden Lake Pine, it is not just another apartment community, it is definitely a home.

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