5 Ways to Decorate Your Way Out of Clutter: A Storage Solution for Every Room in Your Apartment

It’s a common conundrum: do I want an apartment that’s neat and tidy or do I want an apartment that shows off my personality to the max? Too often Camden residents believe they have to choose one or the other, but if you think about it, there’s one simple way to have the best of both worlds: storage solutions that are as chic as they are functional. Check out five great ideas – one for every room in your apartment – courtesy of RENTCafé.

#1. Put Your Kitchen’s Overhead Storage to Good Use

The key to finding extra storage room in the kitchen is not necessarily making better use of space you’re already using – it’s making use of space you’re not using. The top of cupboards are practically crying out to be utilized and are the perfect place to store rarely-used kitchen supplies. A few attractive baskets and a roll of ribbon is all it takes to make a style statement too.

overhead storage.jpg

Tons of room for overhead storage, image via Better Homes and Gardens

#2. Add Some Style to Your Home Décor with Chic Shelves

Maximize space in the kitchen or living room by adding a few shelves, racks, or maybe a larger bookcase if you’re not tight on space. Use them to display your small decorative items, photos, magazines, awards, antique dish collection, or anything else you might want to show off to the world.

chic shelves

When storage and art combine, image via RENTCafé

#3. Make the Most of Your Existing Storage Space

It’s great to have an extra closet in the bedroom. However, that doesn’t mean you have all the storage space you’d need. Adding storage baskets to the bottom of your closet can help you better organize things like accessories, socks or other small items while also making your closet look tidier. You can even step things up by hanging a vinyl shoe organizer to the back of your closet door, creating extra storage space that you can either use for its intended purpose (shoes) or to stash various everyday items – like make-up.


#4. Add a Nightstand to Your Bedroom without Losing an Ounce of Space

You need a nightstand for the bedroom in your rental apartment but you don’t want to give up precious floor space. What to do? Simple: mount a nightstand right onto your wall. Choose a lightweight option that won’t require significant screws or nails (to keep your landlord happy!) and mount it at a convenient height so you can reach over and grab your phone in the middle of the night. The space underneath can then be used to store your shoes, books – whatever you need room for!

Existing Storage space

A simple bedside nightstand that offers design and functionality without taking up space, image via Better Homes and Gardens

#5. Towel Rails Aren’t Just for Towels Anymore – Use These Decorative Pieces Anywhere

Towel rails are inexpensive, decorative, and come in varieties that require no screws or nails. In short, they’re the perfect apartment solution! But don’t think they’re only good for hanging towels on. You can use them for all sorts of extra storage: turn them into a sandal and shoe rack, display your favorite magazines or books, cleverly organize ties, or, for a unique twist, turn them into an eye-catching way to display jewelry.

towel rails

Towel rails are perfect for displaying jewelry, image via Everything Fabulous

Feeling inspired yet? With these five chic options, you might just start getting the best of both worlds: an organized home that also shows off your unique personality.

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