7 Shocking Ways To Use An Over The Door Shoe Organizer

Space, Space, space! We all need more of it but don’t have it. But, did you know there are ways to get more space in your Camden apartment by using over the door shoe organizers? You can use a shoe organizer for other things besides storing shoes (that you don’t wear anyways) that will give you that extra needed space! Check out these 7 shocking ways to get great use out of those over the door shoe organizers

  1. Kitchen: An over the door shoe organizer is a great spice rack for small spaces. You can use it to also organize loose or small packaged items such as mix packets, snacks and fruit cups.
  2. Craft Room: Put all your craft items such as markers, folders and yarn at eye level and at arms reach.

  3. Baby’s Room: Organize baby items like shoes, clothes, wipes and blankets to one place.
  4. Overnight Guests: Impress your overnight guests with their own towels, soaps, toothbrushes  and shampoo.
  5. Under bathroom sink: Cut an organizer in half and hang from hooks. You can now store hair products, clippers or trimmers, blow dryers, nail polish or makeup.

  6. Game Room/TV Room: Store loose video game remote controls, blu-ray discs, cables, headsets or remotes  you don’t use.

    over the door shoe organizer for game room or tv room

    photo credit: iheartorganizing.com

  7. Laundry Room: Hang an over the shoe organizer on the door of the laundry room or from the wall and put all of the cleaning products right at arms length. You will be able to easily find items and know what you have and need more of.
    over the door shoe organizer for the laundry room

    photo credit: apartmenttherapy.com


With the New Year here don’t be afraid to tackle some of these amazing space saving and organizations tips. All of these tips will give you that extra needed space as well as help bring some more organization to your life. If you need help with instructions you can check out the links to learn how to create the indoor garden or the under cabinet storage space. Not sure on where to find over the door shoe organizers? You can visit your local Wal-Mart or Target to find shoe organizers to start on your space saving DIY project this weekend!

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