9 for 9! Camden does it again!


Wow! Camden is on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For List® for the 9th year in a row! This year we ranked #9 and are honored that our employees trust us enough to give us this accomplishment. Hear from a Camden employee below!

Jennifer Schragel – HR Assistant – 2 Years             

Jen Pic - Blog

My career path with Camden is a little different because I left for a couple of years and then came back. After working as a Leasing Consultant at Camden Plaza for a year and a half, I made the tough decision to leave so that I could further my education. And, I am so thrilled to be back at Camden where my career started since the company was a huge influence in the decision that I made to get my degree.

I have always had a love for working with people and a passion for learning and continual development, but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with that. Camden’s commitment to their employees along with the excellent training I received and relationships I developed helped me to realize the career path I wanted: Employee Development.

During my years as a Leasing Consultant, the training opportunities were AMAZING. From onsite training by my Manager and Assistant Manager, to Camden’s Mentor Program, to Camden U (cross-training designed to educate and promote camaraderie) I was blown away. This small window I had into employee development taught me a lot about Camden as a whole – I had finally found a company that values commitment to education and development as much as I do!

Having these exceptional training opportunities in front of me further ignited my passion for learning and development. I was honored to become a Camden Mentor myself and loved introducing new employees to this company. I was bitten by the HR bug and couldn’t sop there. With all of the employee development opportunities I witnessed firsthand at Camden, I decided I would do anything to be involved with the department that brings them in, supports them and keep them here.

I spoke with Camden’s Manager of Education to find out what I needed to launch my career path in Human Resources. She shared her pursuits with me and how they led her to Camden as well as resources outside of Camden that I could take advantage of. Ultimately, I decided that to achieve my career goals, I would need to get my degree, gain HR experience and unfortunately that would involve leaving Camden.

I struggled with this thought for some time because I valued what I was leaving behind: the supportive environment, the culture, the skits, the people…the hugs; I would miss them all, but I hoped to be back one day!

I am happy to say that this part of my story has a fairy tale ending. While I was back in school and gaining experience in Human Resources, I stayed in touch with my former Camden manager and kept an eye out for job opportunities. Last July an opportunity presented itself – my dream job in HR – and I couldn’t be happier to be back at such a great place to work!

I am doing exactly what I’ve always dreamed of doing for Camden: working on the onboarding side of employee development to create the best employee engagement we can for our new employees. I am helping to build the bench so that each of our new employees feel as swept away by Camden’s commitment to their employees as I did.

In November FORTUNE also honored our team by naming Camden the #1 “Best Workplace for Diversity.” Want to work for this AMAZING company? Click here to view our open positions!

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