A Commuter’s Guide to a Stress Free Ride

Bumper to Bumper Traffic Stinks

Bumper to Bumper Traffic Stinks

Commuting is one of the most stressful parts of your day, at least is for me. After a long day of work most would want to relax in your Camden Apartment Home, but you’re often bombarded with heavy traffic filled with other exasperated drivers. Here are 4 easy tips that I have created on how to make my commute less stressful that will definitely help ease your ride.

  1. For your morning commute leave 15 minutes earlier than normal. This allows you time to prepare for any unforeseen incidents (wreck, stalled vehicle, etc.). If you arrive to work early it allows you time to mentally prepare for your day.
  1. Map out your drive! All smart phones and some cars are equipped with GPS which you can use to map out the quickest route to avoid high traffic areas. Being knowledgeable of your route leaves less room for surprises like road work, road closures, incidents etc. The Waze App is one of my favorite apps because it gives you real time traffic and updates. It’s available for Android and IPhone.
  1. Eat a small snack! Often you are frustrated and fatigued after work or school and that snack will give you an extra boost of energy to keep you alert. Check out Fitness Magazine for 11-energy-boosting-snacks!
  1. Make a music playlist that you update weekly and sing along to your favorite songs. Songs that you like that will help pass time while you are in the car. Who doesn’t like a sing- along? Have a mini concert in the car. Trust me, when other drivers look your way you will definitely be the highlight of their day!

Traffic is not avoidable but stressing about the commute is. Your commute can impact your entire day, so by using one or all of these steps can lessen the amount of stress you feel throughout your commute. So when you finally arrive to your beautiful Camden Apartment Home you can unwind next to the poolside, relieve tension at one of our state of the art gyms or kickback and watch a move in our movie theater. Check out other helpful commuting tips at Simply Camden.

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