A Peek Into The Life of Dr.William Waters

Want to hear something impressive? Dr. Waters, a 7-year Camden resident, rides his bike over 8 miles a day to teach some of the brightest minds in the city at the University of Houston-Downtown. Another interesting fact – he was a monk in a monastery for almost 4 years! This Resident Spotlight is all about this special resident and why he calls Camden Heights and Houston his home.

Dr. Waters moved to Houston for the first time in August of 2008, and directly into Camden Heights. He quickly fell in love with the Houston Heights neighborhood and realized that this is where he wanted to stay. And considering Dr. Waters has lived in Ireland, Korea and Spain – this man knows good adventure and lifestyle when he sees it!

Dr. Waters

Dr. William Waters is an associate professor in the Department of English at the University of Houston Downtown. He earned his Ph.D. in language and linguistics from the University of New Mexico. Before accepting the associate professor position here in Houston he taught at Northwest Missouri State University; University of Maine; University College in Galway, Ireland; and Cheongbuk National University in Korea. His research and teaching interests include writing theory and practice, the history of the English language, linguistics, and modern grammar. He began teaching as a graduate student in 1998. Our very own Dr. Waters is also the managing editor of the book La Puerta: A Doorway into the Academy.

Fun Times with Dr. Waters
Despite all the education, hard work and travel – Dr. Waters still finds time to play and enjoy the lifestyle in the Houston Heights. This close-knit, laidback neighborhood is full of local bars, restaurants and fun outdoor activities. Dr. Waters enjoys playing darts at Public House and riding the beautiful Houston Hike and Bike Trail through the city. He also enjoys a game of chess and a good book. Rumor has it he will often ride his bike from the Heights to the University of Houston downtown campus when he has class to teach. It is approximately 4.2 miles from Camden Heights Apartment Homes to the University. When asked about his daily commute, Dr. Waters simply smiles and states, “I try to ride my bike to work every day when weather permits. The ride is not bad and much quicker than driving.” That is an awesome 8.4 mile a day bike ride.

Dr.Waters 3

Why Houston Heights?
So what is it about living in the Heights neighborhood that everyone loves, including our very own Dr. Waters? The majority of it is the quaint community feel. You can walk to so many different areas in the Heights including several restaurants and pubs. Most of these restaurants are specific to Heights and you can’t find them in any other part of Houston. There is also a beautiful historic ambiance within the Heights that you just can’t get anywhere else in the city. These are only a few of the things that make Heights so special, and Camden Heights is nestled right in the heart of it all.


Why Camden Heights?
Dr. Waters has been a long time resident of Camden Heights Apartment Homes. What makes Camden Heights special? Dr. Waters states it’s the exceptional staff. Everyone that works at Camden Heights from management to maintenance is so helpful and so friendly. Dr. Waters states, “I definitely would have to say it is the people working here that make this place special.”

We enjoy spotlighting our phenomenal residents that do great things in the Houston community. We hope you enjoyed this blog about Dr. William Waters – world traveler, valued professor at the University of Houston, and long-term Camden Heights resident and Heights enthusiast. We are so proud to have him here at Camden Heights!

Dr. Waters 1

4 thoughts

  1. We have been neighbors all these years. Always happy to see him for a chat in the halls or a dinner/drinks. Very kind friend and will leave sweet surprises during the holidays.
    Cheers to you, William
    T and J

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