A Writer’s #1 Enemy

photo courtesy of radio-play-musical.com

photo courtesy of radio-play-musical.com

Being a blogger is not easy. Sometimes it feels like people think that you are constantly churning ideas out of your mind to come up with pieces of writing that will keep large groups of people interested. Blogging is fun and we all do it voluntarily, but there are humans behind the writing. We all experience Writer’s Block while searching for something to write about.

This month, I searched high and low, popular topics, news sites, gossip pages etc – all in search of the perfect attention grabbing topic. The harder I searched, the less I found. As the due date etched closer, the more I wanted to reach out to my supervisor to throw in the towel and quit until next month when I could find my inspiration. Then it hit me! My next blog topic was right there under my nose the whole time: Write about what you cannot think to write about!

Neil Patel, an internet blogger suggests ways to overcome Writer’s Block that were actually playing out in front of me as I was overcoming Writer’s Block myself.

1) Step away

So, my mom tells me walking away is a bad thing, but while it is only for “taking a breather” to evaluate situations in their entirety, walking away can help clear the mind. Take a moment to breathe and allow the thought to come to you.

2) The answer is always right in front of you

As a blogger, your topics are laying right there in front of you. You are not Aesop thinking up a fable. Usually your blog will directly pertain to your life or something happening in it. Something that affects you personally is perfect material for a successful blog. So, just like I found, the main thing that I was focusing on gave me my next blog topic.

3) The internet is your greatest resource

photo courtesy of getfluid.com

photo courtesy of getfluid.com

You need to start randomly Googling topics. You will eventually stumble upon something that will launch you toward the next writing “clue.”

4) Outline your blog

Remember in school when you were required to write an outline before you wrote an essay? Well, this will help eliminate the Writer’s Block. Create your blog using levels (as video game players would say) or using steps. Once you have the title you will have the first stepping stone ultimately leading you to the meat and potatoes of your blog.

5) Listen

photo courtesy of janoelknowsit.wordpress.com

photo courtesy of janoelknowsit.wordpress.com

Listen to people around you; listen to the little voice inside of you. Usually what you hear will serve as your guiding light. Since blogs are geared at the amusement of others, writing about things that other people talk about guarantees interest. It is also easier to write about things that already interest you.

Blogging is fun and Writer’s Block is just a part of the entire process. If you learn to master your Writer’s Block, conquering it is easy. So, to all the future and current bloggers out there, I hope this helps.



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