An Affordable Way to Chic Up Your Apartment Home: Accent Walls

Most children wish to be teachers, astronauts or the United States President when they ‘grow up’. As for me, I had bigger dreams as a child—I thought I was destined for greatness. As a little girl, I dreamed to one day become a famous interior decorator (I’m a bit of a realist).

I absolutely love colors, decor and furniture. Moving to Corpus Christi I was afraid my inner passion for design would be crushed as I transitioned into apartment living-but my doubts quickly passed.

I found simple, fun ways to create a feeling of open space, light and length. My confidence was restored as compliments from my visitors started to roll in.

My favorite way to add a little flare in your apartment home begins with an Accent Wall. An accent wall is one wall in the room that is painted using a color that differs from the remaining walls. This is not only a great way to showcase your personality, but also a great way to highlight the theme, mood and colors of other accent pieces in your home.

breakersaccentwall breakersaccentwall2

                                               Accent wall at Camden Breakers, Corpus Christi. 

My taste revolves around the idea that less is more. This is why I love accent walls-they allow the simplest of wall decor to create a chic and classy look.

I’m here to share a few tips for color schemes and accent walls I’ve learned over the years of apartment living. Let’s begin with….

The 60-30-10 Rule

Start by choosing three colors for the theme of the room. Each color should complement the next. Your dominant color should apply to 60 percent of the room (paint, larger pieces & furniture), the second color should apply to 30 percent of the room (rugs, lamps, curtains), and final color should apply to 10 percent of the room (accent pieces, small decor, lamp shades). This will help you focus on a theme, balance your scheme and help narrow use of too many colors. Use this rule for every room.

                HGTV’s examples of the 60-30-10 rule. Photo courtesy of Olympic Paint.

Choosing Your Colors

Remember, warm colors will bring the wall toward you-so for these colors (yellows, oranges, reds) you may want to choose a smaller, further wall as it tends to close off the room.

Cool colors push the wall from your eye- so these are great for the longer, larger walls (light blues, greens, and purples). These colors will open up the room, creating an effect of more space.


I spend the majority of my decorating time and budget in the living area. This is usually the area of comfort and living-typically, most our time is spent here. This is also the area our guests tend to stay-so it should be warm and welcoming.

In the living area, you can complement the accent wall with a few large picture frames, fun-print throw pillows, sheer or paneled [long] curtains, and corresponding lamp shades. You may also compliment the wall with a large area rug. If your accent wall is more of a classic color, i.e., dark brown, you can jazz it up a bit with an animal print or shag-style rug to preserve a classic look with a hint of contemporary.


Living area at Camden Breakers

Living Area at Camden SouthBay

Living Area at Camden SouthBay



Due to the majority of the time and budget I spend in the living area, I tend to go cheaper in the remaining rooms. Perfect when less is more!

With an accent wall, you can limit the money spent using the 6-8 method: In addition to the accent wall and comforter, you can dress up the room with 6-8 smaller pieces. Stay in this range, nothing more or less. For my pieces, I use one lamp, throw pillows, curtains, one large photo and two small decor pieces on the chest or drawer. Use the 60-30-10 rule to help sort the color of each piece.

You can keep it very simple or you can dress it up-either way, the accent wall will help create the tone.  


Bedroom at Camden Flatirons


Bedroom at Camden Glendale


Bedroom at Camden Foothills

Bedroom at Camden Foothills


Bedroom at Camden Greenway

I may not have grown up to become a famous interior decorator, but I’m able to enjoy my gorgeously decorated apartment at Camden Breakers every day! I hope these tips help make your Camden apartment home beautiful, too!


Camden Breakers offers these gorgeous colors for an accent wall to our residents. Check with your Camden community regarding offers and options for accent walls today!


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