Apartment Living + Baby = Happiness Woes

The time is 1:54 am Camden Amber Oaks;  I am a woken to the baby monitor flashing along with my two year old son’s screams.  My wife and I are in a stumble trying to not be the first one out of bed.  Alas, I see her make the first move.  Ha!  House is awake; dogs now want to go outside, “Oh, that’s me.”   With everyone now wide awake, I wonder, “How long is this night going to be?”  Let alone living in our cozy Camden apartment.  “How long will the neighbors night be with all this baby noise?”

Anyone who is a parent has been in this situation before and it truly is what you make it. Let me share with you what we do in our home to put baby boy back to sleep.

  1. If one is lucky enough to have a partner in this scenario, don’t let the other feel abandoned.  As much as you may like your warm bed get up and check on the partner.  You see, even after the baby is put back to sleep there is nothing like a mad partner because they felt abandoned in their baby woes.  You thought the crying baby was bad?
  1. Check Diaper. We have always chosen Pampers as our diaper of choice.  They truly can hold all the magic a two year old can throw into them!
  1. Temperature Check. One can usually feel with their hand if the child has a fever, but, it never hurts to make sure.  Keep a thermometer near, this will keep the worrying spouse at ease.  We use Vicks Thermometer, they’re cheap and reliable.
  1. What’s your baby’s comfort go to? Blanket, pacifier, a MunchKin Sippy Cup?  Bringing this into play will not only calm your crying baby, but it will provide them a sense of comfort and peace.

    Morning check-in to see how Hunter was doing.

    Morning check-in to see how Hunter was doing.

  1. Some parents will try TV, Disney’s ® Mickey Mouse Club is great! For Hunter, it’s a little too involving and he’ll start repeating things like, “Tootles,” “Hot Dog Dance” and “Mickey.”
  1. Soft music is what we use to bring our little boy solace in the middle of the night, we us Pandora, it’s free and easy to use.
  1. Hunter even finds peace in country music. While these sweet melodies played throughout the sleepless night a song came on by Darius Rucker, “It won’t be like this for long,” which reminded me to be thankful for these experiences, because Hunter won’t be like this for long.

Tired the next day on hour long drive to work and my eyes drowsy with baby griefs, I couldn’t help but have a happy heart knowing that my Hunter was okay and was at home warm in his comfy warm “big boy bed.”

On my way home I could not keep out the nagging thought, “What about my neighbors?”  A friendly knock on my way back to the Camden apartment, and greetings and solutions occur.  I apologize out of respect for my crying child at 1:54 am.  I feel it is important that our neighbor’s feelings are acknowledged.  Relief soon takes hold of my extremities when they say, “We didn’t even hear you last night.”  Thank goodness we live at a great community like Camden Amber Oaks.

Feeling relieved, I walk to my Camden apartment home with a happy heart that I am about to partake of the best part of my day, family!

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