Building a patio garden in an urban jungle

When was the last time your hobby made your apartment home more appealing AND healthier? Of course YOU love that melted crayon Pinterest masterpiece on the wall that you are so proud of, but what other projects can you do to make your home both visually and mentally pleasing? Mother Nature has the answer.

outdoor apartment living room

 The great news is you don’t have to ditch your Pinterest addiction (trust me, nobody is judging you) – Here are some gardening ideas, perfect for an apartment home that can kick-start projects or become hobbies that will not only look fantastic in your place but make you FEEL fantastic as well!

The art of watching a small seed grow into an actual living object is so amazing, and taking care of your own personal small scale of earth is extremely rewarding. Here are a few reasons you should be gardening on your apartment home patio like, now:

Gardening is good for your health

Your garden is your personal place of Zen. Here you can reconnect with yourself and also with nature which is known to create:

  • Relaxation – The visual of the garden plus the physical connection a person makes while caring and tending to plants “allows people to connect to this primal state,” according to James Jiler, the founder and executive director of Urban GreenWorks. Nothing is more calming than feeling at peace with your mind and with nature!
  • Attentiveness – According to ‘The Benefits of Gardening and Food Growing for Health and Wellbeing’ written by Garden Organic and Sustain, Gardening definitely “helps to restore people’s directive attention on tasks and thereby improve mental acuity (Berto, 2005)… This has also been expressed as attention restoration theory (ART), which has been studied and reviewed in the cognitive benefits of interacting with nature”
  • Fresh, clean Air – As your patio garden matures, you will experience significantly lower stress levels and notice an enhanced sense of creativity; plants naturally extract carbon dioxide (which negatively effects productivity and concentration) and exchanges it with fresh oxygen which actually promotes it!


Gardens are aesthetically pleasing AND have economical benefits

There is nothing more boring than an empty room, the same goes for an empty patio. Instead of looking at it for what it is, look at it as what it could be: a beautiful investment. Your empty apartment patio is no more than a white canvas, waiting for your individuality to create your own green sanctuary. There are MANY fantastic patio garden projects you can dabble in. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Vertical Garden – The best part of having a vertical garden is that it’s very tall so even those who can just see your patio can appreciate the beauty you have created; depending on the placement of your vertical garden, it can save you some extra cash on your electricity bill by serving as a natural sunlight block in front of a large window that is notorious for letting in large amounts of natural light.

Courtesy of Fab Art DIY

  • Herb Garden – There is nothing cooler than making a meal for your friends and going outside to pick some fresh herbs to add some pizazz to your dish. Herb gardens are fantastic for the pure reason that not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also gives back to you 100%. You don’t just BUY an herb garden, you INVEST in one!

Courtesy of Fab Art DIY

  • Vegetable/fruit Garden – Like the Herb garden, this is an excellent way to cut back on grocery bills. Growing your own food is also a great way to be 100% sure where your food is coming from and it will bring you so much satisfaction consuming food that you literally created.

Courtesy of Fab Art DIY

Now that you see the importance of patio gardening, it’s time to whip those green thumbs out! Look online or ask your nearest garden center associate the best types of plants to grow for the current season and make it happen, you won’t be disappointed; with a little bit of research you can get even more creative and find out the impact each different type of plant has on your apartment home. Happy planting; earth appreciates you giving this concrete jungle a splash of color! For more tips and tricks on patio gardening, check out patio paradise from Simply Camden!

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