Camden Cares Extreme Community Makeover

Edited group picture          On September 15, 2015, all Denver Camden properties closed their doors to volunteer with an organization named Extreme Community Makeover to makeover a Denver community. To volunteer with such an amazing organization and make such a difference in a community’s life was an amazing opportunity.

Hidden Views


Before Backyard 2


Starting at 9 A.M. and ending around 5 P.M. we went to the Westwood neighborhood in Denver, CO. We never imagined the change and impact the day would have on the community.



Backyard After


We split into teams and had tasks anywhere from painting houses to fence repair and landscape improvement. Here we took a back yard from dense jungle brush to open mountain views the resident did not even know she had. Upon coming into her back yard after the day’s work the resident exclaimed “I haven’t seen the dirt and ground in my backyard for over 20 years!” while a huge smile grew across her face.

Home paintingLine of Orange

Extreme Community Makeover is a wonderful organization making the world a beautiful place one block at a time.

Extreme Community Makeover believes that being part of your community is a really important part of life.  When you get to know your neighbors and begin to build relationships with them, you start to help and look out for one another and that’s part of living together in a shared geographical space.” –ECM Spokesperson

If you would like to explore Extreme Community Makeovers list of upcoming events and volunteer opportunities just follow the ECM links.  Click here to check out Camden’s many community volunteer events around the country.

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