Camden Old Creek – Moving Mountains


A section of Camden Old Creek’s mountain as seen from the leasing office

I have had the pleasure of working at Camden Old Creek with an amazing team for about two years now. It’s a beautiful property in the hills of San Elijo in San Marcos, California. What makes the property so beautiful is also what made this property so challenging to build…the rocky mountainside that we are built on. When Camden first purchased the land that Camden Old Creek is built on it was rugged mountainous terrain. Greg Golick, Steve Hodge, and Erik Sauvey from the construction side of things were kind enough to share their experiences, challenges, and fun facts about building Camden Old Creek. Also special thanks to Debbie Fisher for pulling up the awesome photos from construction! (They make for an amazing Camden team and some of my favorite people to work with!)


One of Camden Old Creek’s original aerial photos at beginning of construction

-At the time of building the project, Old Creek had the deepest storm line in San Marcos at 40 ft deep (most are usually only 6 ft deep)and 600 ft long. This was due to the varied elevation of the property.

-In order to provide a proper foundation for the pool, a two story deep hole had to be excavated with the first two feet being solid granite.

-Most of the rock around the mountains had to be blasted with dynamite. When this was done, the earth ‘fluffed up’ vertically 8-10 feet!


-The crushing and hauling of rocks extended the project by 8 months and cost approx. $6M

-It was such a new area that when the landscape was put in, deer would come down off of the mountain and eat it!

-When digging to install irrigation, 90 lb. jackhammers had to be used to break through the granite

-Irrigation installation also required installers to repel down the side of the mountain.

I still love to hear the stories of Old Creek’s construction. Even though it was a very labor intensive project, it was one that was well done and worth the effort. Come and see for yourself! 


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