Clean Up Your Desktop In 5 Easy Steps!

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly saving items onto your desktop for easy access throughout your work day. My Camden work days are often times fast paced and on the go! Of course, I forget to go back and delete the stuff I no longer need leaving me with a sea of unnecessary things on my desktop… in no particular order, and making it difficult for me to later find the items I do need. Often times, just looking at my desk top would leave me feeling overwhelmed and unorganized.

I came across an article called “Organize your Desktop in 5 Easy Steps!” and decided it was time for a little more organization in my life. Boy oh boy! What a difference it’s made. I can easily find things when I need them, I have a sense of organization, and more importantly I am more productive because everything is organized and can be easily accessed as I need. No more junk on my desktop!

Take a look at my amazing desktop! Isn’t she just Beautiful?

My Clean Desktop!

Check out this great article for these easy peazy steps and a free download for yourself (WOOHOO!)

I promise you won’t regret it! Share, like, or comment and let me know how you like this!


Desktop Organization Backgrounds

A few months back, I wrote a post How to Clean up your Computer Desktop.  It has been so helpful to many of you AND the post got a lot of love over onPinterest!

If you are anything like me, I need change, so it was time to create a few new desktop organization backgrounds for you to use.  Here are the 2 newest backgrounds: a gold ombre background and aqua circles background.

Desktop Organization BackgroundsDesktop Organization Backgrounds

I simply feel like my life (at least my computer life!) is super organized because of these desktop organizers!  You can read all my gushing about how and why you should use an organizational desktop background over on the old post….and here’s the quick “how to” install:

1. Find out what size resolution screen your computer is.

For a Mac, you can select the System Preferences from the Apple Menu, then click on Displays. Next to the word Resolution, make sure your radio button titled “Scaled” is clicked and look to see what resolution is highlighted.  This is the size download you will need.

For Windows, Click the Start button, then click Control Panel. Under Appearance and Personalization select Adjust screen resolution. Check to make sure the monitor you want to examine is selected in the drop-downDisplay list. Below that, you will see the drop-down resolution list, with your current setting showing the number of pixels horizontally and vertically. This is the resolution size you will need for your download Click cancel to leave things as they are.

2. Download the correct size desktop background from below.

3. Next, go to Picmonkey, upload the image and add the titles to each box. Then re-save the image.pickmonkey_add_titles

4. Now you will need to upload the image as your Desktop Background.

For Mac users: select the System Preference for the Apple Menu. Select the Desktop & Screen Saver option.  In that window, find where you saved your newly created Desktop Background and click on the image.  This will add the Desktop Background for you.  Super simple.

For Windows: Right-click your desktop and choose Personalize. Select Desktop Background from the windows’ bottom left. Click your newly created Desktop Background  for the background.  Click the Save Changes button.

5. Now you get to clean!  Drag your icons to the respective boxes and admire!

For Full article go here.

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