Did I give the correct tip?

Did I leave enough tip? Photo credit www.tippingresearch.com

Customer service is the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services. On a daily basis we make decision on tipping and what is the appropriate amount.  I often question myself on if I’m giving the correct tip and I think other people feel the same way.

I grabbed lunch for everyone in the office yesterday. I walked up ordered the food and asked for it to go. When the cashier handed me the check it asked for a tip and at the bottom is stated what a 15%, 20% and 25% tip was. I left them a 15% tip but then started to really think about it as I waited for the food to arrive. Did I tip enough? Did I give too much? How much do you tip if you are just grabbing the food to bring back to the office? I drove to them but they packaged the food up and brought it to me. That was all that they had to do for a pretty good tip.

Of course I then start to think about other things like Valet service what is the correct tip for that? Or even allowance I have 2 girls that I will be giving an allowance to very soon. What is the going rate for all these items and how do you find out if you are giving the correct amounts? I asked a friend last night that has 2 kids that are older than mine. How much money does the tooth fairy give when a child loses a tooth? When I was little I got $1.00 or maybe a $2.00 bill. He responded $20 dollars a tooth and I was like wow times have changed that much?

Help I need advice!

I googled tips and what is the appropriate amount you should give. A lot of articles pop up but most were written in 2012. The articles talk about hair, nails, flowers, food, and car washes. It seems like they all tell you something different. Where can you go to get the correct information on this? Any feedback on what is customary would be appreciated and then I can blog about what we find out.


2 thoughts

  1. I normally aim to tip 20% when I receive good service at restaurants. Depending on the type of service (like when I get my nails done and they look extra amazing), sometimes 30%. It really just depends for me on the customer service that I receive!

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