Discovering My Thrifty Side


This isn’t your average resale store! Photo courtesy of

I will admit that I have never entertained the idea of shopping for clothes in a resale shop since I am neither a hipster nor a trend chaser. However, I have recently begun to embrace the idea of resale after losing 92 pounds (and counting) since the fall of last year.I have been on a journey to become healthier for the past 8 months. Although I only intended to get back into my half marathon running shape, along the way something finally clicked and I found myself shedding pounds. I noticed that my clothes were getting looser, but I was able to manage with my current wardrobe until around the 50 pounds mark. I was out for a run one night when my pants decided to literally fall off of me! There is nothing like an accidental mooning of your neighbors to make you realize that new clothes are

Not gonna lie, my friends were super-helpful after I posted this, but there was also a great deal of laughter as well. LOL!!

Not gonna lie, my friends were super-helpful after I posted this, but there was also a great deal of laughter as well. LOL!!

a priority! Before you start to scold me for moaning about the downside of losing weight, unless you have an unlimited bank account, it really does stink to suddenly not find anything that fits in your closet! I immediately went to my go-to stores and spent a great deal of money buying bottoms that actually fit my new body. Since I lost so much weight before I was forced to buy new clothes, I figured the new threads would last me for quite a while. What no one tells you is that the smaller you are, the less weight you need to lose to change sizes. After another 10 pounds all of my new clothes were just hanging off of me. Oh no! I knew there was no way I could sweet talk my hubby into another shopping spree, so I took to Facebook to cry about my situation. That’s when several of my friends who I admire for their classy style suggested that I check out some local resale stores. In my desperation I agreed to try anything, and I’m so glad I did! My new favorite store is Uptown Cheapskate in Frisco, TX.

The Frisco location opened just a couple years ago.  Photo courtesy of

The Frisco location opened just a couple of years ago.
Photo courtesy of


This super-cute dress from Banana Republic was $12.99!! Seriously!!


This comfy top and white jeans were new with tags from Ann Taylor.

This location is tucked away in a strip center by Stonebriar Mall, and I had never even noticed it before a friend told me that I MUST check it out. By the time I got around to shopping there I had already had a couple less-than-exciting trips to other resale store. The experiences there were pretty much what I anticipated: stores jam-packed with out of style clothes and nothing in my size. Those trips certainly felt like I was shopping in a thrift store. Imagine my surprise when I walked into a beautiful boutique-style store which was organized by style and color. There was no ‘thrift store” feel whatsoever! Although it is obviously geared for girls closer to my daughters’ ages then my own, I was still able to find many items that are “cheer mom” appropriate. In fact, my teenager told me that my new clothes are cuter than what she has in her closet and she cannot wait for me to be able to buy things in a size close to her own so she can share my wardrobe! Most tops fell in the $8-12 range and I found some cute jeans and shorts for under $20. I saw a ton of clothes with tags still on them and every item I tried on could have passed for new even if it was gently worn. I needed some casual clothes for a trip in early May and a work-appropriate dress that I could wear at Camden’s Management Conference a couple of weeks later. I was able to find an Ann Taylor top and jeans with tags and a Banana Republic dress for a total price tag of under $35! I took my girls and my hubby (they also sell men’s clothes) back a few days later and they filled 3 bags full of clothes for under $100. It was amazing! Until I did a little research for this post, I was under the impression that Uptown Cheapskate was a local business, but in fact it is a chain with many locations all across the US. You can find a store close to every Camden community, so there is one right around you! This fast-growing company is opening new locations all the time in places as far-flung as Anchorage, Alaska. You should check it out as soon as you can!

I will put a disclaimer here that I have only purchased clothing at Uptown Cheapskate as I have been giving my clothes to friends rather than selling them. They accept your own gently used clothing and they will give you either cash or store credit, but I don’t know how fair the trades are or if they will accept almost everything you try to give them. I welcome any feedback if you have had a sales transaction with them.

I’m on a new mission to seek out other amazing consignment and resale stores for some cute new summer clothes. Do you have a favorite recycled clothing store? Leave a message in the comments if you have a suggestion for me! I can’t wait to continue building my wardrobe with new “used” clothes!

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