DIY Halloween Costumes


This year is flying by and Halloween is quickly approaching but you haven’t had time to put much thought into your costume. There’s not enough time to order online and everything at the store has been picked over.  Don’t fret! Here are some DIY quick and easy costume ideas that will definitely be the talk of the night.

  1. Ladies you can never go wrong with that old faithful witch costume. Whether you want to be spooky or seductive, this look covers all. Dress in all black, for an eerie look. You can either do a pale or green face with dark lips. Spice it up with dark finger nail polish and a Smokey Eye.
  1. Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein  is a great couples costume or you can pull this look off by yourself. For the perfect Frankenstein, use green face make up and contouring is key for this look.

For the Bride of Frankenstein a white face is the traditional look but you can also use green. To top this look off is definitely the electric hair with the white lightning bolt.

  1. Clowns are a crowd favorite! Whether scary or fun you can create a kid friendly or frightening face. Start with white face paint. You can be colorful by adding red cheeks, a colored nose, and funny colored freckles or you can be dark by just using black and white paint.

    Dark Clown

    Dark Clown

  1. Comic Strip Costumes are increasingly popular this year and extremely easy. This is the costume that I will be rocking this year! Apply your makeup as normal and then leave room for creativity.

Take a look at Camden City Centre’s Wig and Stash Halloween Bash and Simply Camden for even more last-minute but fabulous Halloween costumes! Happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

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