Do you need an escape?


Have you ever wanted to escape? Get away from it all? In such a busy world we often find ourselves overworked, tired and most unfortunate we forget to have fun. Our team at Camden Oak Crest wanted to get out and have some fun too so….we decided to lock ourselves in a room.  (HuH??)

Yep, that is exactly what we did & we had a blast!

I’m talking about a new phenomenon that has moved its way into Houston, Texas. Founded in May of 2014 The Houston Escape room offers you a unique life experience. 4-10 people all locked in a room looking to find a way out. Sounds pretty crazy but it’s a great opportunity to build relationships, do some team building or just have some fun. Located just blocks from Minute Maid Park; The Houston Escape Room lies behind this mysterious door.

Do you dare?


Agent K led our team on an experience of a lifetime & for one hour all the daily demands of our personal lives stopped. And it was awesome!

Team Excellence Taco Nation led by Agent K!

Team Excellence Taco Nation led by Agent K!

You can take that escape you’ve always desired too. Just visit the Houston Escape Room at

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