Don’t Become a Victim of Crime

Ask not what your apartment can do for you, but what you can do for yourself in order to not become a victim of crime. Apartment communities are, in general, a great place to live. But let’s face it, crime happens! If someone wants to get in to your home, a moat, a thick concrete wall with barbed wire, or even guards with guns aren’t going to keep them out. There is something they have been eyeing and they want it no matter what.

Here are some helpful hints to deter crime:

  • Always, always lock your doors and windows for both your vehicle and apartment.
    • Adding extra locks to your windows is a cheap extra security measure.
    • Add an extra lock to your entrance doors for added security. Be sure to get management approval first!
    • Have a sliding glass door? Measure and cut a wooden pole or rod to place on the track of the door for added security.

  • Get to know your neighbors.
    • Knowing your neighbors will not only help you know when someone suspicious is around, but you could go to them when emergencies happen.
    • Participate in National Night Out at your community
  • Check the peephole in your door.
    • Does your door have a peephole? If not, contact management.
    • Is the peephole cloudy or blurry? If so, contact management.
  • Create the impression of not living alone.
  • Keep your phone near you at all times.
    • Keep your cell phone out while walking from your car to your door.
    • Take your cell phone with you on your dog walks or when walking outside your building.
  • Have your keys ready.
    • Have your car keys in your hand when headed to your car.
    • Have your house keys in your hand before exiting your car so you aren’t digging for them at your door.
    • Have pepper spray attached to your key chain. It’s a great to have in your hand should you need it!
  • Make note of movers.
    • Is someone moving? Or is someone stealing?
    • Burglars look just like anyone else. They don’t always wear a ski mask to rob a home.
    • Is someone walking down the hall with a TV or laptop? If you don’t see a moving truck around, it could be stolen.
    • If something looks suspicious it probably is. Use your intuition and don’t just brush off the feeling.

  • Out of sight, out of mind.
    • Never, never leave valuables in your car. It’s best to keep your car empty because not all items stolen are going to be valuable.
    • Close your blinds so that flat screen TVs and stereo systems aren’t an invitation to be robbed.
  • Security system in use.
    • Does your apartment have an alarm system wired already? If so, use it! Set it when you leave AND while you are home even if it isn’t monitored. A burglar doesn’t know if it is monitored or not.
    • If your apartment doesn’t have an alarm system, there are easy to install alarm systems out there today which are easy to use. Even wireless alarm systems which you can take with you where ever you live!

  • Get Renters Insurance.
    • Should you get burglarized your renter’s insurance will be what helps you replace your stolen possessions.
    • Your landlord would have an insurance policy as well, but it usually only covers the building, NOT your personal belongings.
    • Renters insurance is fairly cheap when you think about how much it would cost to replace your valuables if stolen, or everything you own in case of a fire.
  • Get a yappy dog.
    • 9 out of 10 burglars do not want to deal with pets. If they knock on your door and a dog starts barking, they will probably move on to the next residence.
    • Size doesn’t matter when it comes to the dog. If it barks, it works. Anything to alert your neighbors to the intruder is not what a burglar wants.
    • No you do not want a dog who barks at all hours of the day, nor do you want to live next to one who does either, but you do want one who barks at the front door when someone knocks or something is going on in your hallway.

Most of all listen to your intuition and suspicions! If something doesn’t look right or feel right, call the police!

Check out the Simply Camden blog post 7 Products that will Make Your Apartment a Smart Home and Is Your Home Smarter than a 5th Grader? 10 Products that can turn your Apartment Home into a Smart Home for some awesome products to help deter crime in your home and help you be #CamdenHappy!

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