Five “Must Have” Baby Items That I Did NOT Have to Have

I am pretty sure the reason my husband wanted to have a baby is so that he could buy the latest a greatest ‘must have’ items that they offer for babies and parents. So I’m here to let you learn from our mistakes (though my husband will probably still swear we need all the junk!).

  1. Any specialized snot sucker thing – Use the regular suction ball that they give you at the hospital, nothing will ever work better. We purchased a battery operated sucker and also the NoseFrida (look it up, it’s gross) and we used them ONCE, enough to find out that the old fashioned one works best.

    Use this!

    Use this!

  2. Expensive thermometers – Use the regular old one you’d use on yourself. Our nurse recommended just putting it under the baby’s armpit to get an accurate reading. It was a lot more dependable and fluctuate less than all the fancy electronic ones.
  3. Fancy digital baby bath tub – Yah, I’m sure a normal person would see right through this but we didn’t. I don’t think we ever even put batteries in it. It’s a tub, it’s for washing babies, it can’t get much simpler. Best was a cheap-o we got from Walmart to use instead!

    Not necessary!

    Not necessary!

  4. Bottle Steamer/Cleaner – This was another waste of time/space. It really doesn’t hold much and I felt like I still needed to give them a good scrub before and after putting it into the washer. It took just as long as boiling bottles. Though it takes a little elbow grease, the best option was to wash them with a brush, soap, and hot water (what a novel concept!).

    Not so much!

    No on this as well!

  5. Fake lawn looking baby bottle drying rack – Ok this one is cute but it doesn’t hold very much. I admit I still use it but I end up having to put most of the overflow stuff on a clean dish towel. If you can’t appreciate it for décor, definitely skip this one.

    Cute but not very pratical

    Cute but not very practical

These are definitely not a rule of thumb but instead something I found out for myself personally. There are also probably dozens of other things I can add to this list (fortunately I didn’t fall into the Baby Bullet trap…just use a blender people!). If you’re like my husband and me then you will want to get your baby the best of everything possible but hope this helps to distribute that spending to more important things…like super cute baby outfits!

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