From Coast to Coast: What can the Camden Contact Center Do for you?


From coast to coast the Camden Contact Center answers calls on the top floor of the Corporate Office of Camden Property Trust in Houston, TX. We call it the attic. Calls come from Washington D.C. all the way to Los Angeles, California.

The Camden Contact Center, or the CCC, has seen a lot of change since taking its first call on 2009.
The concept was thought of two years before at a time when 50 percent of calls to the Camden communities were being missed. Our initial purpose was to bridge a very noticeable gap in our communication to provide customer service to future residents. Since then, our little CCC has grown into a force to be reckoned with. We are now a 24-hour operation that is projected to receive half a million calls in 2015 including holidays and weekends.

These half a million calls consist of resident services such as:

  • Maintenance work orders– We enter maintenance work orders throughout the day. If it is an emergency, we call dispatch our maintenance staff and send them over to your unit any time of day or night
  • Monthly rent inquiries– Wherever you are at the first of the month, you can always call us to inquire about your monthly rent totals if our online payment option is not available to you. Call volumes tend to be a little higher during this time of the month, but there is always the call back option while in queue which eliminates having to wait on hold.
  • Transfers from one Camden community to another – If residents are transferring to another Camden community, we will continue to be a support system as they move from one corner of their city/state/country to another. In the midst of all the stresses that come from a new life, there is finally some stability.
  • Future resident inquiries– Most days, we get the chance to make Camden’s first impression with future residents when answering a future resident’s first call for leasing information. Before signing the lease, move in trucks, and figuring out decoration schemes – the Camden Contact Center is there. This relationship continues throughout their lease.

We are always here for our residents, both present and future residents. Day and night, coast to coast the Camden Contact Center has your back!

Better yet – we are hiring! Why not come and be a part of our great team?


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