Have you tried Hello Fresh?

Do you get home and just want to veg in front of the TV and just not want to deal with making dinner? Do you drive thru a fast food place on your way home from work too many days of the week? Are you just in a rut when it comes to creating healthy delicious meals for you or your family? What if you could make a delicious healthy meal in 30 minutes?  I didn’t believe it either, but it’s true! I really wanted to make myself healthy, quick, and delicious meals, but just wanted something quick after a long day at work, or just couldn’t get it together at the grocery store! I would come home from the store and realize I forgot some ingredient, spent WAY too much time at the grocery store getting the ingredients, or spent WAY too much for, wait, what did I even get???

So I joined Hello Fresh!

Hello Fresh is perfect for:

  • Families – Family box feeds up to 4 people
  • Singles – Classic box feeding up to 2 people (great for lunch the next day or leftovers!)
  • Couples – the Classic box feeds up to 2 people
  • Vegetarians – Veggie Box…box for herbivores!
  • Pescatarians – Choose the Classic box and then choose to only get fish!
  • Carnivores – Let Hello Fresh know what meats you like – beef, fish, lamb, chicken, pork – select a few or all and they will send you recipes based on your taste!
  • Health Conscious – want to know what’s in your food, what type of oil it’s being cooked in, how much butter, calories and fat per serving, etc…

Hello Fresh is:

  • Quick – meals done in 30 minutes
  • Easy – step by step recipe guides (and supplemental videos online showing, for example, how to chop an onion! or check out their blog for more recipes and ideas!)
  • Healthy – nutrition information available on the website or recipe card for every meal
  • Fresh – everything is high quality and fresh from the farm delivered to you
  • Variety – 5 completely different meals to choose from each week designed by top Chef Jamie Oliver and their in-house dietitian
  • Economical – great price for getting everything you need in 1 box! Never get more that you need so no waste!
  • Convenient – weekly deliveries, choose the day of the week for your delivery, choose a 3 to 5 meal plan delivery, choose which meals you want delivered each week, AND if you even want a delivery that week! AND there’s an App!
  • Fun – yes cooking can be fun, especially when the meal is as delicious as going out!
  • Educational – learn how to prep and prepare a fabulous meal you never knew you could…then let your imagination run with ideas on what you would add or change next time!

    Spring Asparagus and Shrimp Risotto with Meyer Lemon - Yes, you can make delish risotto too!!!

    Spring Asparagus and Shrimp Risotto with Meyer Lemon – Yes, you can make delish risotto too!!!


I have been amazed by my cooking skills since I started getting my Hello Fresh boxes last year. I have not only lost weight cooking my own food, but I have found I enjoy cooking! I turn on my favorite tunes and have some me time creating a wonderfully delicious meal which was quick and easy to make! I have become such a great onion chopper; my eyes don’t even tear anymore because I am done so fast! The best part…I can tell people I make fabulous risotto! Yes! I can make risotto! It’s just impressive to say, but you could make it too! Now my trips to the grocery store are quick, just getting oil, butter, salt, and pepper (what Hello Fresh doesn’t send you). In and out! Plus, I love that I am not tied down to getting a delivery every week. If I don’t like the menu that week, I just cancel that delivery! Joining Hello Fresh has been a great discovery of food and cooking I will continue to enjoy!



No matter which Camden property you live at, Hello Fresh delivers straight to your door! Enjoy!

Have questions or comments? Let us know! We love to hear from you!


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