Hidden Treasures in Corpus Christi-Sandi’s Diner

Corpus Christi has plenty of food joints to choose-from fast food to fine dining. Strangely, I’ve found local diners are not popular in the area. Given I’m from a small town in the middle of nowhere, USA, I love local dining equipped with homemade food and a small town feel. 

Last week I attended KEDT’s Food and Wine Classic event where I met Sandi-the owner of a local diner located downtown in Corpus Christi. Her from-scratch waffles were placed in sample portions on a table for the taking. Though they were individual servings, I may or may not have taken 5 for myself when she wasn’t looking -I don’t believe in small portions.

Yesterday was a beautiful day in South Texas –Sunny and 75. The perfect morning for waffles. I decided to seize the moment given I had the weekend off (no need to be peanut & jealous of my schedule, apply for openings at Camden here!). I drove downtown and parked in front of this amazing little hole-in-the-wall restaurant.


After choosing a table, I ordered the Grand Waffle with two sides along with a Wonderful White Mocha Latte. My son chose the Mickey Mouse Pancake plate with extra bacon. Ahh, to be young. The service was incredibly friendly and the food arrived swiftly—but not too quickly. Sometimes super-fast food in a restaurant makes you wonder, am I right?

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Though my belly was close to maximum capacity, I couldn’t resist clearing my plate.

Most normal people like to verbally express how great their meal was, my son, however, chose a more physical approach as he like decided to lick the small remainder of syrup and powdered sugar off of his plate. What age does that become inappropriate, anyway? Ugh—adulting sure does have its downfalls.


Ms. Sandi

I thanked Sandi, a very sweet woman, and I was off. I almost politely asked her to roll me out to my car, but I didn’t want to make things awkward after such a great meal. To make the morning even better, Sandi’s happens to be less than 3 miles from the Bay Front.

After breakfast, I drove a few minutes and parked downtown to walk off some the delicious calories and avoid possible food-coma. A bad day is not an option when your morning kicks off with this setting.

I definitely recommend Sandi’s Diner to all!

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Calling all Camden residents!! Camden South Bay is only 7 miles from Sandi’s; Camden MiramarCamden Breakers and Camden Copper Ridge are all less than twelve miles away. Perfect location for a weekend brunch followed with a stroll by the water.


…it’s the simple things.

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