Holiday Preparations: Who checked the oven & heater?

Better safe than sorry… That’s what they say right? Well, it’s what I like to go by. The holidays are bittersweet for me, mostly because it seems to be one minor disaster after another.  But I say let’s change it up this year!

For most of us in the southern climates, it’s only once in a blue moon that we use our heater. And then there are some of us that never cook and we eat pre-made meals (I love my microwave). However, you cannot always rely on something working if you don’t use it daily or even once awhile.  If you are ever concerned with an appliance not working, your Camden Maintenance team is here to help!

Here are a few tips that you can do on your own to make sure that your oven and heater are working properly this year.

apartment ready turkeyBe Prepared:

It’s a great idea to test your oven before the Holiday weekend to ensure everything is in working order and to avoid any delays.

  1. Before you start testing, start with a clean surface on your stovetop and inside your oven.
  2. Test all burners to make sure they are turning on and heating.
  3. Test the oven itself to make sure that it is heating.

If you find your oven is not working or heating properly, contact your Camden community. We have a 24 hour Camden Contact Center  that can help you get your request in no matter the time of day or not.

Stay Warm:

With our temperate climate in the south, heating systems can go unused for many months. After sitting idle during our long stretches of warm weather, some elements of your heating system may have accumulated a layer of dust. When you turn on your heat for the first time during the fall/winter season, that dust will burn off and emit an odor that circulates through your duct-work and into your apartment home.

This is the most likely cause of the burning smell in your apartment home when you first turn on your heat! So here’s what to do:

  1. Open your windows and turn on the fan
  2. Allow 15 minutes for the smell to fade away
  3. If it continues to smell/smoke contact your Camden community.

Lets us help you make this a positive holiday experience with these simple tips. And remember, if anything goes wrong with your apartment home or your appliances, our Maintenance Team and 24-Hour Contact Center are here to help. Happy Holidays from all of us at Camden!

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