How to keep your apartment mostly clean most of the time

Keeping my home clean is a constant struggle. Should I do it all on the weekend? Should I clean one room each day? Here are a few tips on how to keep your apartment mostly clean most of the time, so you don’t feel like you’re living in a mess.

Photo courtesy of Good Housekeeping

Make your bed

Your mom always said it and she was right – you should make your bed. It’s an important task because it helps you feel like you’ve accomplished something, no matter how small, and that there is at least one thing in your house that is neat and orderly.

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Vacuum frequently (or get a Roomba!)

I have to admit that I HATE vacuuming, but I do it all the time because I can’t imagine walking on dirt in my house. My solution? A Roomba. I LOVE my Roomba. I can literally vacuum my whole apartment while I’m cooking dinner. Who doesn’t love multitasking? Plus you might be able to coax your cat to ride it around the apartment.

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Always do your dishes

Doing the dishes has got be my least favorite chore. Walking in the kitchen and seeing a sink full of dishes is one of the most disheartening feelings. If you just wash the few dishes you have each day, there won’t be that feeling of dread when they’ve piled up.

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Keep the laundry moving

I used to only do the laundry on weekends, but that made it an all-day task. It’s so much easier to rotate the laundry loads each day. You will always have more available clothes on hand and you’ll never feel like you can’t leave the house for all the laundry you need to do.

Hopefully these tips will help you to keep your Camden apartment mostly clean most of the time. These are just some easy tips that will hopefully free up your weekend and keep your stress to a minimum.


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