How to Wrap Up Gift Cards & Cash

By now we all have the gift cards for everyone on our list (hopefully). If you’re still undecided check out this great blog to help you make the decision:

So it’s time now to decide how to wrap up those gift cards. Do we just put them in a card? Is that too impersonal? What if you’re giving cash? All of the sudden the ease of giving gift cards or cash is not so easy. You want to make sure the recipient knows you took time for them. So like always I went to Pinterest for DIY ideas!

I’ve used these 2 ideas below for a co-worker and a family member:



The gift card holders below make a cute way to give to a younger child and hang on your Christmas tree:


If you’re still unsure on what kind of gift card to purchase, good old cash is always a favorite. Here are some ideas to make the cash giving a little fun.


tree1creative way to gift cash:

Hope these ideas make your last couple days before the holidays a little less stressful and more joyful!

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