How True Are You to Your Zodiac Sign?

I know many of you are thinking; Really? Astrology? I get it. Actually I get it ALL the time! I am known for my slight… and I do mean slight… obsession with astrology and how it plays a role in the people we are today and the people we become. Do I live by it? Absolutely not, however, it is fun to research it and see how a person’s sign correlates to their actions and behaviors. There is a whole wide world out there of astrology that even I don’t know about. I am not a diehard astrological guru but I am very interested in the theory and tend to find myself researching it regularly.

Astrology is the study of the influence that distant cosmic objects, usually stars and planets, have on human lives. The position of the sun, stars, moon and planets at the time of people’s birth (not their conception) is said to shape their personality, affect their romantic relationships and predict their economic fortunes, among other divinations ( The most common thing that most people think of, including myself, is their zodiac sign. Don’t know your zodiac sign? Click here to find out now. I normally always ask when someone’s birthday is when I first meet an individual. Once I know their birthday I am able to quickly determine their zodiac sign and then I have an idea of what to expect from that person. Now many people would say that I am prejudging and that regardless of what their zodiac sign is, no two people in the same sign are exactly the same. I would absolutely agree with that statement, and although it is helpful in some degree, I do not base my opinions solely on a person’s zodiac sign.

Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered why you click with certain people and others you don’t? Or perhaps you don’t know why you tend to behave a certain way or view life a particular way? A lot of these questions can be answered based off of your zodiac sign. Of course your family background, the way you grew up, education, past and present experiences also plays a large part in that as well. However, believe it or not, your zodiac sign shapes a lot of your thoughts and perceptions. Some signs are naturally drawn to one another as they share some of the same basic fundamentals while others completely repel and it is hard to find a commonality between the two. We all have encountered those people that you get that instant connection with and you immediately get along with that person. Is it possible that your zodiac sign is naturally compatible with one another? Each zodiac sign has what I call a “common foundation”. The common foundations are the basic traits, thoughts, and behaviors for that particular zodiac sign. With than being said, yes you will find a lot of these common foundations in about 90% of people with the same sign; however, life’s experiences, educational background, and personal experiences, etc. will alter people therefore ensuring that no two people are alike.


What does your name mean? Have you ever thought about it? Not what it means in the baby book of names that every pregnant mother searches through to find a name; but the real meaning behind the name and what it really means and signifies. And what was it about your name that stood out to your mother when she decided to name you? Perhaps it was a family name passed down? Or perhaps you are named after a favorite car or athlete, or is it something more? Curious to know more? Click here to find out! It is amazing how a name correlates with a person’s personality traits, perceptions, and beliefs. Have you ever read a name meaning and thought to yourself, “Oh! That is so me!”? There is a reason why you can relate to it! It is all part of the stars and in the design of YOU. You are named what you are named for a reason. The fact that your name most of the time “fits” you and the meaning behind it “describes” you and more than likely ties right in line with your character traits of your zodiac sign is not a coincidence.

Zodiac Wheel

Try doing a little research on your zodiac sign. Do you find the characteristics true to yourself or have people described this about you? How true to your zodiac sign are you? You may actually be surprised just how many of the traits and characteristics that resemble you and that you are able to relate to. If you are embarking on a new relationship, do a quick google search on zodiac compatibility and see if you two are compatible! If anything it will give you some fun stuff to talk about and it might help you to better understand that particular person. It really is just fun and games and for pure entertainment purposes, but you will come across some things that will make you go “Hmmmm”. Just beware once you start coming across those “Hmmmm” moments you will begin to dig a little deeper and then a little bit deeper. It can become addicting!


Make sure you are doing all of this fun zodiac research in one of our beautiful Camden Apartment Homes. Several of the communities host a wide array of social events in which I am sure you will find your zodiac match. Happy researching!

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