IKEA: How I Utilized the Hemnes Collection in My New Apartment Home!


Ikea logo from IKEA.com

We’ve all moved at some point in our lives. Let’s be honest, moving is not fun. I will say, however, that when it comes to buying things for your new apartment (or house), you can make moving enjoyable. Where do I buy most of my home furniture? IKEA! As you may (or may not) have assumed by reading my previous blog posts, I kind of have an obsession with IKEA. I like it because it is affordable and because there are different collections for different levels of taste. Not everyone loves the super modern, clean white furniture. They offer a more timeless, classic collection called Hemnes for those who want something that will not go out of style in a year. At my place, this is what we have.


This is my floor plan. Camdenliving.com

Now we are in the process of downsizing-moving from a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment with 2 of us and a dog to a renovated 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms with 3 people and a dog. This change has now put us in a predicament of one less room to store our stuff. Most of the items in our previous apartment’s “guest room” were actually mine. (Random fact about me- I have an obsession with all things makeup, beauty and fashion, which require a whole 11×13 bedroom) Basically I went into panic mode as to what I should do about losing space.


My new makeup room aka my walk in closet

My solution? A trip to IKEA! Unfortunately, I was unable to actually attend this shopping excursion. Thanks to the IKEA mobile site and my shopping organization skills, I put together a long list of items that would be essential to create a new and improved office/makeup room. We have decided to turn our very large walk in closet (thank you Camden for building massive closets in each apartment) into my own little oasis. So where are we going to put all of our clothes? Luckily, we only have a few items that need to be hung in the closet, including my fabulous ICO Career Wear clothing. We purchased a Hemnes 8 drawer dresser for the rest of my clothes, and we will continue to use our Hemnes 6 drawer dresser for my fiancé’s clothes.


We turned our dining room into a library

I love IKEA, but I hate assembling the furniture. I have become somewhat of a pro at putting together furniture thanks to the 4 Hemnes book shelves we have and nightstand that I recently put together. If you are not an IKEA pro, here are a few suggestions for what you will need to get you through hours of building. Yes, I said hours.


This is how many pieces it took to build the 8 drawer dresser

  1. A ratcheting screwdriver. I cannot express enough how much your arms will thank you if you have this simple tool. There are so many screws involved that the assistance of extra momentum is crucial, and can eliminate blisters and incorrectly installed pieces.
  2. I have a Bluetooth speaker that I use with my iPhone to play music in my apartment (not between the hours of 10pm and 9 am) I put my playlist on shuffle and went to town. Singing and enjoying the atmosphere helped out with my patience level.
  3. A drink. I recommend water or perhaps something with caffeine. I know a few friends that would disagree and suggest whiskey, but I think a clear head will help. I always have a drink near me 24/7, and with all of the hard work you are about to do, you will get thirsty.
  4. The directions. Do not attempt to build this furniture without the directions. Do not even think about skipping ahead. You will regret it. I once got almost to the end of a book shelf and had to take it all apart because of one step I did wrong. You do not want to get to the point where you hate Sweden and trees. Relax. Take a deep breath. And stare at that page as long as it takes for you to interpret the drawings. Did I mention there are no written directions, just cartoon photos?

This is what use have to interpret when building IKEA furniture


All this for one dresser…

After 4 hours of sweating, singing, and screwing in screws, my end result was something I am very proud of. Behold my Hemnes 8 drawer dresser.


I still have a week left of moving, but at least this part is over. Now I can enjoy my new place with the Swedish flair of IKEA.

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